2005年08月17日(水) 11時40分
Yesterday,,,I hung out with Vannessa and Janelly!!!
My best mexican buddies in America!!*hehe*
We met up @ Otay and after that we all went to
Plaza Bonita!
I had SOOOO much FUN with you guyz!!!
We changed a lot!!! ,hah?*hehe*
We ate yummy lunch from Subway and Panda Express,
we walked around the mall, bought some stuff
from Hot Topic, Claire's...
and we took lots of pictures!!!
I'm gonna update some pics when i go back to Japan!
umm,,,maybe I could put some pics like BEFORE and AFTER! lol
Cuz we've changed a lot!! Isn't it good idea?*hehe*
oh yeah!! Heather e-mailed me yesterday and she said maybe
we could hang out on this Sunday!*yay*
I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my summer 

2005年08月15日(月) 12時59分
I'm in San Diego right now!*yuppy*
omg! it's been like a year and a half since i left the u.s. last time!
This is the best place in the world 4 me!*wink*
Someday i'm gonna come back here!*hehehe*
I hope I can make it! I wAnNa liVe iN sAn DiEgO!!!
When I had lived here with my family for my dad's job,
I've never noticed that living in America was very special 4 me.
I miss my life in here... and I miss everything!
wElL, tomorrow i'm gonna see my best friends!!!
Vannessa and Janelly!!!
cAnNoT wAiT tO sEe yA gUyZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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