July 27 [Thu], 2006, 1:17
I decide to move here!
the new blog is here!!!
click there to visit new page;)
The contents are the same!


July 24 [Mon], 2006, 22:33
I took TOEIC yesterday!
It was my first time.
well. I can't say it went well...
But my listening section was okay, I think;)
Thank you!!!It must be your calling!!!!!:P
And the writing section was...!
I think the time was toooooo short!
yeah, I solved all questions, but I didn't have time to check again!:/


July 16 [Sun], 2006, 23:19
I took mock exams today.
well...I can't say it went well...!
Yeah, I think my English one went pretty well;)
But...World history...
I had no word to write in:Phaha
I'd studied islam history yesterday,but I chose eurpean and american ones.
My Japanese one...
It's a pity!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know, I am not good at classical Japaneses and Kanbun(means chinese classics).
I didn't understnad what they were following

But it's gone!!!!!!!so I don't care any more:Pheh

Okay, I'm trying to get good score on TOEIC!
I gonna take it on next Sunday!
It's kinda busy though.

I have too much things that I'd like to talk to youheh
maybe it's not too much:Pbut many!!

miss ya soooooo much!!!!
do you miss me?:P


July 16 [Sun], 2006, 0:45
well, there is nothing especially to write.
But I'd like to write something:P

I'm just considering whether I should cut my hair!!!
It's too long, isn't it?
I don't want to be "starange" hair style.
That's why I'm considering so much...
It's kinda bet to cut my hair!!!!!!!!
well...Will short cut become me?
What do you think?

You will come back on Monday, right?
Hope your work is already finished:)

Lycka till!!!


July 09 [Sun], 2006, 2:41
well, I don't know if the lyrics is right or not.
I heard this on the net.
so maybe it's wrong in some points...
Anyway I loved it!!!!heh
Did you know this song?
This song is sung by a Swedish musician!!!
that's this!!!!

I don't know why, but I'd like to speak English right now!!!!!!!!!
I did speak English in my dream:P
You will be surprised if I speak soooooooo much!!!heh

today is 

July 07 [Fri], 2006, 19:02
Do you know "tanabata"?
It's very today!!!

Tanabata is...
It's believed that the Weaver Star (Vega) and the Cowherd Star (Altair), separated lovers, meet each other across the Milky Way once a year!!!!!!!!

It's really romantic, isn't it?

I wish we could meet today


July 06 [Thu], 2006, 23:49
I can't I can't Ican't!!!!
I gonna take exams tomorrow...
But I am afraid I won't be able to make out...
oh no....

You might think that I had better study than write this, right?:P
I do know it!!
okay, I will study as hard as I can...

I hate to say this.
You don't send me email thesedays.
So what happens?
Did I say something bad?
Are you angry?
Did I write something bad in the letter?
Are you fine?
or just are you busy?
please tell me.

I thought I should write this in email...
But I never want to bather you...
I am glad if you send me an email when you read this...

Maybe it's very first time that I said such things to you.
Sorry, but I'd like to know what you think.

Hope you are fine.

I hape we can talk before you go to France.
Can we???


July 03 [Mon], 2006, 1:29
I studied much yesterday!heh But I found that I forgot formulas completely!:P So I have to remember it again...*such a bad memory* I climb the stairs with no light yesterday! Guess what... I fell over!!!!!!!Oh well...what a careless person. And what made the matter worse, I forgot about it. It was terrible when the hurt got wet! heeeee! why!!!This page goes wrong!hmm...I can't start a new paragraph...

Congradulations on your 23 birthday! 

June 30 [Fri], 2006, 0:46
Happy Birthday

WIsh you a many happy returnsof the day and all the best for your future!!!!!
I hope we will be able to celebrate your next birthday!
Have a lovely day and great year!!!

oh well... 

June 27 [Tue], 2006, 0:54

I cannot find a word...

I'm so sorry...
But I can't say the reason.
You will know soon what I mean...
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