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July 03 [Tue], 2012, 14:43
Gel Nails give you the chance to have polished and most attractive looking hands without spending hours at the manicurist.karen millen colorblocked stretch satin dress These wonderful nails are so realistic and pretty that you don't feel like wearing anything artificial. These nails are available in so many styles due to the broad range of polymers and the photo initiator and ultra violet ingredients. The versatility of gel makes them suitable to any occasion too. It can be applied with or without the extension of tips, just like acrylic coating. The gel nails last for quite sometime too, you can easily have them for at least two or three weeks.

The gel nails can also give you the chance to grow your natural nail too, by using them you will not need to worry too much about the nails while they grow. The most popular color for gel has to be the pink and even clear, natural for the more realistic looking hands. These are suitable to the polish and any art that you might wish to apply too. The flexibility and finish of makes it stand out from the acrylic coating. The don't take out the waterproof surface on, a huge issue with acrylic nail coating.karen millen colorblocked stretch satin dress The pretty nails give you the chance to have the polished hands for weeks and weeks not just the few hours as is the case of some artificial applications.

These stunning accessories might be little expensive but one can easily see the logic of having sturdy and longer lasting nails than cheap acrylic ones. The removal is very easy also, just soaking the nails in acetone for 30 minutes or soaking with cotton soaked with acetone for 20 minutes can remove these nails easily with cuticle pusher.
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