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June 26 [Tue], 2012, 11:10
There are those that love to shop and those that hate it - you know who you are!

As a client of an Image Consultant, the freedom of knowing what suited me was truly liberating; As an Image Consultant myself for the past 7 years,karen millen cotton tailored dress I shouldn't have been surprised that the clients booking the shopping trips with me were not as I expected; Instead of being those that love to shop, the majority are actually those who have a less than passionate relationship with it! Those who want to get the job done and move onto something 'more interesting' instead! These are the people willing to invest in purchasing some expertise to make the experience more bearable and even enlightening!

The trouble with shopping is the same as most things in life; If we don't know how to do it, we don't enjoy it. And, as with most things, learning a few basic principles, understanding some basic building blocks (or skills) for any task and putting them into practice will transform your experience in a positive direction!

The beauty of investing in advice from an expert is a Fast Track way to identifying your own style. Some personal shoppers will take you shopping and work with you as you shop. While this works to an extent, it relies heavily on the experience of the Personal Shopper and the stock available to try on. The majority of professional Image Consultants will only take you shopping after taking you through a detailed and consultation during which they work with you to identify what it is you need (Colours, Shapes and Styles) to make the most of yourself and put yourself In Focus, thereby projecting a clear picture to the world.

It's a simple matter of training yourself into having a selective eye, recognising what works for you, what might have potential and what will never work, ever, unless you metamorphose into someone or something else! Being clear on your lifestyle requirements and budgetary limitations is also critical. Some of my clients spend a few hundred pounds a year, while others several thousand on maintaining their appearance and their wardrobes.

The job of any personal shopper is to identify what works for you inside your lifestyle requirements and budget. You might love something and it may even be perfect for you, but if your lifestyle doesn't encompass the kind of occasion requiring that outfit, you will be wasting your money rather than investing wisely.

Even before becoming a consultant, I could walk into a shop and know within minutes whether it was worth me spending any time there; now within the number of seconds it takes to glance around, I've made the same decision. Shops have a general style portrayed by their window displays; Country Casuals, Kaliko, Paul Costello, Karen Millen, Coast... the list goes on; Designers tend to have a 'common theme' to their styles - 'Laura Ashley' being a classic example.

My 'Clothing Personality' became apparent to me and thus I realised why I had instinctively been drawn to, or repelled away from certain brands. It has to be said though, that due to conditioning (parents, siblings, friends, fashions), in the early days I wasn't used to looking for what suited me, thus a personal shopper gave me a new pair of eyes. If you can recognise who designs for your Clothing Personality, you're half way there to saving your valuable time and energy and spending it intelligently.

So how do you do this without a consultation?

There are numerous books out there for reference sources. The beauty of being human form is that our shapes form a continuum rather than distinctively different and thus easily classified shapes - there is limited value to be obtained from these books unless you fit one of the clearly identified shapes. Some people will find this more useful than others - and of course, these books tend to be aimed at the much bigger, women's market - what do the men do?

There is no doubt that this image conscious world is more focused on and for women; Statistically, 80-85% of clients are women (i. e. 15-20% men), in some geographical areas, this is as much as 30% or more male clients, a figure rising year on year. Increasingly more men are realising the financial and confidence value to be gained by investing in professional advice regarding their personal presentation.

Without the books, you can still give yourself a bit of a boost.

Notice the themes in your wardrobe, especially those relating to the outfits or garments that always gain you the objective compliments. 'You look well' is far preferable in this context than 'I like your top/skirt/trousers/dress/suit/tie'. When you are dressed well, people will notice you, not your clothes... it's tough to accept the compliments graciously at first,karen millen cotton lace panel dress however, you soon begin to realise that people complementing the way you occur to them rather than something about what you are wearing means your choice of outf
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