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June 03 [Sun], 2012, 13:05
We human beings are just like flowers which need oxygen, light as well as water.karen millen 60s colour block knit dress When we are sounded by nature, we feel peace and calm because nature do have the magic power to let us relaxed and inspired once they are introduced to our home. There are five shrubs suggested for you in your landscaping project.

1. Red Flowers: Rose
Red flowers represent a sense of passion as well as enthusiasm while rose is the queen among the red flowers. As the embodiment of love and kindness, it is suitable to be put in the dining room or the kitchen when you are eating so that you and your family can enjoy a fabulous meal under a harmonious atmosphere and fragrant smell.

2. Blue or Purple Flowers: Violet
Blue stands for ocean and sky which contains a huge open mind and purple can keep up one's spirits. The moment when you enter a house with such fabulous violet, however unhappy you are because of some unpleasant stuff, you can calm down and fall into your tranquil world.

3. Orange flowers: African daisy
What's your feeling when you see orange flowers? Happy? Ardent? Excited? Yes, that's what you can get from the orange African daisy. Matched with white and green plants; they stand for new opportunities and the power to grow. Put them right on your desk, you can stimulate your creativity and infinite possibility.

4. Yellow flowers: Chrysanthemum, Sunflower
Yellow flowers are the emissary of sun, full of power of life, by the way, they are also good to reduce your pressure and help you do an emotional regulation. Different style of flowers can have different healing power.

5. Guess what?
Guess what kind of flower do I forget to say? You! Yes, the hostess is the central of the house. How could a flowery house be lively without a floral fairy! In order to make a bulk effect of flower, the hostess can wear a piece of dress with floral pattern since the hot trend this summer is flower. The D & G 2011 summer show, the underwear, blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets, head scarves, handbags, flowers are everywhere, like in an ocean of flowers. Besides D & G, you can also take advantage of Karen Millen floral pattern dresses.

Flowers, connected with happiness, creativity, sympathy and tranquility, can make us healthier, more optimistic and more compassionate.karen millen 60s colour block dress Bring more flowers in your living space as well as working space, you can have a newly nice day!
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