karen millen draped jersey dress

June 01 [Fri], 2012, 14:24
There is a reason why you dress up for an interview or business meeting.karen millen fun cotton dress It is to present an illusion that while you may be sloppy, when it comes to business you are sharp, put together and professional. Everybody knows it's a facade, especially when you start working and people realize that you lack the skills and order to balance a checkbook much less handle the numbers being asked of you by others. The thing about the dress however is that the illusion will always be present that a man who is well put together, knows his stuff. It is felt that men of influence, men of honor and men of wealth, know how to dress the part. This is all a false reality, given that most men of money are not trying to dress like Michael Corleone or Deon Sanders - they don't have to, but if you go into a room to get hired or to talk business with peers and you have some scuffed up shoes on, then you will lose before you even open your mouth.

So wearing the old scuffed up boots when you leave the house will only negate that clean suit and expensive tie that you took time to purchase. This will render your attempt to impress at that business meeting or date useless. As a former victim of not giving a crap about shoes, I have received my share of ridicule and neglect from women in my life based on this. If you have the money my fellow men, keep your shoes clean, shiny, and new.

You don't have to be a super fashionista, metro, or shoe fetishist to buy nice shoes.karen millen draped jersey dress Take your lady with you, or if you are confident enough, buy what you like but just keep them in good shape.
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