Back to school~~ 

December 28 [Wed], 2005, 13:37
School is gonna reopen in 6 more days and I haven't finish my holiday homework..Those evil teachers sure wanna kill us with Homeworks during the holidays....
I'm so not welcoming next year bcoz I know it is gonna be a bad bad year...yea next year is the year of PMR (some major exam in Malaysia)...and also I won't be able to play the computer and watch any dramas and drooling at my idols....seriously my parents dun know I fangirl for my idols..Life without computer, dramas and JE is HELL!!!I seriously can't live without those...
Hope next year I can secretly on the computer to download Gachi-baka, N's Aoi and actress...coz I seriously have to watch those dramas, matter what happen..even if it is the end of the
That is all for today...I need to do my homework now and study my..yea study and study and study.....

First time on yaplog 

December 27 [Tue], 2005, 22:13
This is my first time on yaplog..I'm not sure how this blog really works because I can't really understand much Nihongo...I wish I could understand Nihongo though...I think I'm in love with the emoticons here because they are just too kawaii....I wish I could understand this blog faster and try to work it out..So minna Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
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