but Richard or abandoned for the Vatican

January 18 [Fri], 2013, 10:37
The Holy See Holy See this supervise the country invited Richard Paladin and Angel Joan is invited to come naturally to Ye Hao to let him know our Dragon Emperor singled out from just as a Witness Mens Polo Sleeved Outlet. "After listening to No Shame ZHAO both face some ugly but after a moment or awkward cough twice front of No Shame, as well as those of some of the views of ministers have done an explanation. "Oh? Witness? I really fresh pick when we Denon's monarch witnessed in need of the Holy See? Seven princes, you must be kidding ah and .. I want to tell you that I do not admit that you are what prison country you only and other princes equal footing only what qualifications claimed to supervise the country? sitting on what qualifications top ZHAO were you hurry down to me otherwise, do not blame me bluntly that Throne. "No Shame smiling the said But then suddenly his face changed changed the subject facing ZHAO said coldly. ZHAO both at the moment and his face became hard to look good is quite ugly this time, he looked to his grandfather Mark and those ministers support but it is now No Shame a glance that nobody dares to speak out Mark just want to talk over several princes stood out Prince ZHAO Jie front of No Shame, said excitedly: "Royal Highness say good ZHAO are of force to subdue and other self-proclaimed supervise the country can only listen, but we do not have the strength to resist princes call the shots and we can rest assured. "Frankly just ZHAO both factions face very ugly but the hearts of those who were princes turned the music days to know that they can not fuel-efficient lights just ZHAO master power they get the support of the ministers so that they do not have a way to change what they can only unwilling to bow to admit ZHAO supervise the country's identity Polo Shirts, but in fact I already do not want to say it but there is no nothing, after all, their forces almost have to be cut off, but This time no Shame equal gave them new hope Taobao Lynx Taobao Mall, Taobao Women winter jacket War certainly do not intend to rebel otherwise he would have troops in coming to kill will not say here so much nonsense, he expressed do so would mean he did not rebel then Prince must between several princes and he so treated the ZHAO were then ZHAO were absolutely no hope Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx winter jacket the suddenly excited again they know their own opportunity to let a few princes would have to look bleak. "Oh, so ah ZHAO were ZHAO both did not think you could be so bold to take over the throne collusion traitor hum seems you live long day too comfortable to want to take a risk to take his own life." No Shame The coldness said mean murderous eyes flashed with a smile no Shame yielded to since several princes want to kill Zhao Hong, No Shame naturally not polite. ZHAO Jie you guys want to treason? Palace without War I supervise the country, you kill me. The moment Zhao Hong, his face buried in front of No Shame and ZHAO Jie said. "Well when treason is treason chaos thief I suspect Fu Huang's death told you bastard." ZHAO Jie Zhao Hongyu retorted the look Road a Zhengyilinran the apparently ZHAO ready to unseat the. "I say to you for you so Do not be too cocksure you? Seven princes of His Highness in my opinion ministers elected then he is orthodox supervise the country you so wanton accusations seemed wrong." Richard moment Station out front all said dismissively tone confided mean obviously it is he wants to help ZHAO both the Holy See to help ZHAO were. Although Richard did not want to do this but he really helpless because Dragon land attractive for the Vatican is too much big the Holy See from top to bottom, almost no one can refuse the Dragon is called the large dominant power at least doubled so that the Holy See to worship next to the Pope are all blown extension of three feet but for thousands of years the Vatican has been very powerful territory if the Vatican can control here many vast People's affluent population will again enhance the strength of the Holy See trying to show the land above the Denon been Tianlong official collective boycott and civil forces but also the countries of the royal family being dragged behind the retreat of the Holy See Holy See slow progress so far to the influence of the Holy See in the Denon is still not great this Let the Holy See, up and down the pain and agony. And this time ZHAO were to find the Holy See said that out of their own requirements so that the Holy See to help his accession to the throne and the eradication of Shadows No Shame so ZHAO were established light the Holy See as the state religion so that all nationals only faith light the Holy See and expelled a series of privileges to the Holy See, there is no doubt of this conditions people can not refuse to do this the Vatican even sent a the always sits Holy See headquarters of the Knights Templar, as well as a large number of Light Crusaders addition in order to prevent the situation on the northern war Holy See, even the five cardinals and popes I teamed up for the Angel broke most of the seal for the Angel Michael appears is to fight against the No Shame Holy See paid a free summon so many naturally impossible to make without Shame on so easily destroy their own finally come opportunities so Richard will speak out. "Well we Denon things when you Holy See's turn to speak out of turn? I see you are foolish theocracy carried away the head This is not a few other countries here Shua Weifeng otherwise I guarantee you the Holy See everyone in Denon no one can get out alive. "said No Shame lukewarm tone full Richard disdain of course no one noticed no Shame also flashed a trace of hatred in the eyes after all, the year Nangong family thing Richard is also a major player in one. Richard listened to No Shame, then his face suddenly becomes difficult to look up to this point although know No Shame may not be too much to their own face but he did not even think of No Shame arrogant nor to the Holy See on the eyes made clear is to challenge the Holy See majesty actually say to the massacre of the Holy See to the Denon all personnel which Richard was livid cold front palace adults to challenge the majesty of our Holy See? said: No Shame "Oh, whatever you how when you can take me how? "No Shame Xiaohe said indifference is also not Richard on the eyes as if the Holy See is nothing in his eyes like, but the fact is so After all, for free Shame heaven Protoss since it can not destroy the agreement into the earth, the Holy See for yourself, there is no any threat for Michael reincarnation Angel No Shame not afraid Hillary's words Angel even open All seal up to play Michael into force, after all, her body will not allow her to use too much energy unless her energy to build a body like Michael Canada Goose Mystique, but this requires a long period of time is not two or three decades fundamental is impossible so Shame is also not afraid. Richard, his face ashen body trembling but did not know what to say here is outside Denon Palace and tens of millions of soldiers and all without Shame Once Angel transfiguration hit and no Shame here, so I am afraid that here in this palace will be destroyed destruction of the palace to nothing, but here all Denon Minister Prince there are a large number of the lords of Holy See destroyed here probably do not say Denon exhibition I am afraid that at that time the Holy See will have to face the entire Denon millions of crazy angry army although they may not be able to wipe out the Holy See but enough for the Holy See badly hurt this time those countries royal family have again fueled plus the destruction of the Holy See against Black Temple and the Holy See that has been probably not impossible to think that Richard only helpless patient down watching the No Shame Lengran said: "I hope Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx winter coat that you do not regret the things today we Holy See took down. "Then Richard took a helper Angel left here went away with a wink ZHAO hint also ready to leave but unfortunately facing ZHAO been no Shame to pull I saw no War took the ZHAO were smiling after facing Zhao Hong said: "Hey seven princes you want to follow it? but not good intentions, I do not allow you to leave after all, you've got to Denon's sinners hum colluded with outsiders seeking charges to seize the throne and allegedly killed Xianhuang this is not small. "ZHAO were heard this face brush white looked no Shame eyes red and full of fear want facing Richard cries but now own a word Richard indescribable went to the door now this had wanted to help, but think about or forget War made clear not to their face to say there is no sense disgrace. ZHAO were is a partners, but Richard or abandoned for the Vatican, he may Denon several princes conduct is not how you want from among them again to find out a partner is not a difficult thing, so this time Richard only slightly hesitated after Richard, after all, do not want to tell no Shame burst full-scale conflict with their own people to leave here immediately. (Flowers flowers ah flowers I want flowers last crazy last month to three consecutive Khan today three chapters faint memory to burst manuscript but since they came hope Taobao Mall, Taobao Women Lynx Taobao Women winter jacket we support.)
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