"My, what an unusual name you have!"

2005年09月26日(月) 14時22分
Bwahaha! Look what I found!!
It's me!
And apparently I'm an English school in Japan.


I found out about the 'Callan Method'
awhile back and I was like,
'hehe, that's my name'
but to be an English school in Japan,
now that's a feat!

p.s. And for some odd reason,
my last name appears to be
a really crappy video game console.

*bursts penguins*

Sources include:

Happy Endings of Thine

2005年09月26日(月) 13時41分
*sigh* I just watched the movie 'Ever After'
with Drew Barrymore and, well,
I have the weirdest sort of fuzzies...
I haven't seen that movie since I was a child
and I guess I still haven't
lost my love of romantic fairytales.
hmmm... I dunno why I'm feeling so luvie-duvie--
I've been really into blood and guts lately
so this is a strange sort of feeling.

Nah well, I need to write about my
adventure with Hurricane Rita
but the event in its entirety depresses me
and my procrastination is staggering
...maybe in my next entry

It seems weird that this is only my second logging,
but I guess this is normal for a new blog, ne?

Weeee! Watermelons Rock!!

See ya around ^O^
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