Summer Days Have Blown Away..

2005年09月22日(木) 3時24分
Yay! I'm so happy I finally have my own blog (o^O^o) *ahem*

Yet, today is not really a day for rejoicing...
because of that Hurricane Rita everyone's
been running around like little ants.
Mainly because of everyone's lack of action
in the advent of Hurricane Katrina,
people here are panicking.
Yesterday, school was cancelled for
the remainder of the week (^O^)
but that was about the same time
we learned about the mandatory evacuation.

I do admit that I'm scared.
This is the first time I've had to evacuate
for a Hurricane and I'm really shaken
up about the fact that I have to pack
my most valuable items to take along with me.
I get queasy whenever I think about
returning home to find everything blown away
--though I doubt that will happen--
but it's still an unnerving thought.

Hmm...I'm thinking about bringing along the
items that Taka and Haruka gave me,
my Hideto Matsumoto plushie
and my computer and music
--I want to take everything with me!!
It makes me really saddened to
think about leaving my home
...and I also have to leave my cats behind

And I was just watching the Houston news
and they were showing maps of different
counties and how much they would flood
and I felt my stomach sink when
I witnessed my town slowly being flodded
by computer animated water (;_;)

But I guess before I get any darker here, I should sign off.
^^ Wish me luck and I hope all goes well with you all!

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Yeah...the storm was pretty non-impressive. *haha* That sounds like something your dad would say. But we barely got any rain, so I bet your computer is just fine!

Most everyone has scattered, but all have pretty much come back except for Chris who, last I talked to, was chasing armadillos around whilst uttering his death cry.

*huggles Beck back* Yup! Everything's fine ^^ I can't wait to see you in October though!! Bring some of that Asian Sweat drink back! *that sounds so bad ><*
(o^ 3^o)
2005年09月26日(月) 15時10分
Ahhh, I'm so sorry TT_TT;; I don't know what to say...I mean, I feel pretty crap about coming back in october and not finding anything there anymore. My dad left my computer there ("I wrapped it up in plastic!" as if that'll do much ) I'm just glad you're all okay, and I hope you do get to go back and find your house still standing... Everyone's splitting up and scattering to different places of the country, and it's making me more lonely than even moving to England did. I can't really explain it, but...Sigh, everything'll be fine, dear! *huggles*
2005年09月24日(土) 3時22分
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