why... many things happen to me 

October 24 [Mon], 2005, 6:43
i have had many experiences which i have disliked since i came here. i got stressed and became uncomfortable when i stayed at my hostfamily's house in santa barbara. however i moved to la from santa barbara. la has been unpleasant for me.
firstly, i got caought going 20 km over the speed limit on the freeway. then my car run into a police car, i was extremly suprised but, fortunately i wasn't ticketed for the violations.
secondly, on my way home i got a flat tire on sunday evenig. all atomotive repair shops were closed on that day. i came back with a spare tire to the house. in the next day i paid three handred dollar to fix a new tire.
finaly, a card can not be used any more, and a surfboard breaks. my ell phone breaks also. in addition the insurance of car was two times because i moved. the insurance due of the car is terribly expensive in la.
i'm enjoying present life even if such occurs. after i lived in an apartment, as for me, my life became comfortable because unlike the time when i stayed at my hostfamily's house, i can live on my rhythm.


October 18 [Tue], 2005, 14:01
i stuck to my selfishness today. so i will accomplish the matter that one made up my mind firmly.


October 09 [Sun], 2005, 7:15
i concentrate so hard improving my english. in addition i try to find the best way how to study. but i sometimes have no idea of what to do. at that time i just belive what i do, and i talk myself into need to try harder before sleep.
i try to make my life satisfactory. i do a lot of studying, and i gain much experience in USA. there are many important things to grew up myself while i'm in here.

daily actions 

October 03 [Mon], 2005, 5:47
i live in an apartment in k-town with my friend. he is krean, however he became nationalize citizen of america a few month ago. we share a room that kind of studio. i have no privacy, so does he. i go to school to study english, and i sometimes go to beach to play surfing after school.
i usually get up about 8:00 every morning by my cell phone. my morning preparation are take a shower, eat breakfast, brushing of teeth. i go to school by 8:50 to smoke before take a class. i often go straight back home after class because my home very close from school. it's about 10 minute walk. and then i make my own lunch.
i have free time after school. i do my homework and study english myself. after that i sometimes watch a film on DVD. i always try to talk to roommate. he has a good english sikll, and that's the greatest thing for helping me to improve my english. i make diner same as lunch. i have gotten very good at cooking before i came to here. but roomemate is just good eater...


September 30 [Fri], 2005, 10:25

malibu beach 

September 30 [Fri], 2005, 8:37
i went to malibu on wednesday, thursday. i drove though pch highway with favorite music pch is the best way to drive, because you can see nice view. if you had been to here, you should have drove pch.
i've been around the beach ever since i've been a young boy and surfed and boogie-boarded. cause my father is surfer i like surfing since olden days. but at first i was not nuts about surfing, not the way he is. nowadays i often go to beach to play surfing, even if alone. maybe i'm becoming surfies after i came to here.
listen to me I'll be blowed being able to see dolphin flipped over while flying out of the sea was so surprised when i played surfing


September 27 [Tue], 2005, 7:34
i could feel from time to time what american business worker are not a specialistspecifically african-american and mexican are fuckin slow, lazy
if i had a ploblem, and then i try to closure of problem , i would have got a lot of stress. if you wana live in ca for a long time, you have to change your attitude of mind into american attitude of mind. and i think it's the best necessary for us to live in usa.


September 20 [Tue], 2005, 8:42
i caught a cold... i've been having a fever, and i can't stop coughing. i'm recovering from my cold much better than before. so i could't get motivated anything and everything. in these days i get a little homesick, i don't know why.. but i think there is no point in dwelling this matter. just one time, i dont' care!! i knew that i have to overcome many hardships when i study abroad.
in all honesty i'm in a difficult mental state.

effective today 

September 12 [Mon], 2005, 10:51
i started a new life from today. i transfered to another school. today is first day and today also memorial day. because i and ayano have been dating for one year and a month. i live in korean town. not good, not bad i feel that today is turning point in my american life so i decided to try something new. that's the blog it's difficult for me to explain what i mean clearly in english, but good for me. anyway it's the only time in my life have been dating for a long time. you have a special place in my heart. this picture is front entrance of my apartment
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