Name is very first thing!!! 

May 19 [Sat], 2007, 16:34
That is what my mother shouted at my father in a hospital room holding a new born baby, my brother, more than 20 years ago.

My father had a peculiar friend who can read people's future from their names and he let the friend name my bro and me except my older sister. My sister has "secretly" got her name after my father's first crush.... Anyways, let's get back to my brother's story. On the day my bro was born, my father went to see his name reading friend to get a list of good names to choose from for my bro, but he forgot some of them on the way back to the hospital....He barely remembered and went, "Nobuo or, no, sorry...maybe, Masashi...." Then he ended up seeing my mother's angry face.

As Japanese moms & dads, the most exciting and heavily responsible job is to name their babies. They consider not only how beautiful a name sounds and how meaningful it is but they also examine what the number of strokes in a Chinese character it takes like in the picture, which is believed to foretell the baby's fortune.

Thanks my dad for not forgetting my name. I have actually got a fabulous name by name reading. All parts of my name are considered “Very Good.” Perfectly good, but too good… Does it mean it is hard to change my name?? In Japan, if you are a woman getting married, you will most likely to change your family name to your partner’s. Hey Dad, how can I find a good match for me?

Thank you for coming to my blog! 

May 14 [Mon], 2007, 22:30
Hi all. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am 34 (Sun Si).

Let me introduce myself briefly. I am a Japanese living in Vancouver, Canada. I came to Canada about 2 years ago for a big change of my life. My original plan was just for 1 year but I still live here.

When I came here, my head was full of expectation that I will become like a Canadian, speaking fluent English and acting very cool. But after 2 years...I am still very Japanese, noding and bowing too much....can't distinguish R and L sounds. Oh, no...what is wrong with me??

Yeah, getting inspired by other culture is a wonderful thing but ignoring your own is just so sad and stupid. My Canadian life makes me realize that and decide to start this blog.

What I need to do is love my country, not become a Canadian which is totally impossible as you know.

In this blog, I will introduce my country, Japan. Most of them will be pictures that I find interesting about my country. I hope you all enjoy my blog.

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Hi There! I am 34. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy it.
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