Lucky day!! 

2005年09月15日(木) 0時42分
Today, I met one of my friends who haven't seen for a while after graduation. We hanged around Ginza, product costs are most expensive here in Tokyo.
First we headed to an Italian restaurant, buffet style, for lunch . But
many people was queuing and a waiter told us that we have to queue for more than an hour So we changed plan into B , smartly. 1200 YEN for
beaf stew was really really tasty I felt happy at that moment...
After that, we talkd and talked about many things, jobs, future, just kindda....catch up for coffee at star bucks. I told her that I am in the different from the place that I wanted. No one knows future. Both Taking pre-master
program and wishing to get MA degree is not what I want to do when I was in uni. I had never thought that I want to study at Mastercourse! what a surprise.... if think about future is exciting, that means stimulating my feelings ,
like, who I will meetin England? If I will, what person he/she is ? etc etc...
How cool life is .....ah?! now I am posotive, switch turned "ON" So no need help of you, you can just relax, you are released you don't have to take care of me, like an it's my turn to be a " GOOD LISTENER"
I have to present at saturday class but PMP schedule had changed a bit. So, I don't have to do it at this weekend!!! I'm very happy and lucky not to doing this Because I haven't done almost nothing , just writing a script for it.
Either way, I have to present in front of audience. I'll do my best... But today, I don't think it's not the day preparing for it, the day for " RELAX"
So, I'm off from now...

dolly bear 

2005年09月08日(木) 2時26分
Yesterday, I wrote diary but didn't work out...when I tried to upload, just going back to the first page.......what a stupid PC So I just thought I'd rather being "analog" person than Digital one. I can't catch up with latest techonology.....NO MORE technology.. Speaking of yesterday, I met my older sis last night and had dinner at a french restaurant. It was..."C'estait delicieux." Good meal makes me happy and brings highly motivation So now I am higly-motivated. But usually, I am the person who is called " All or nothing." That's my character so don't know if it's good or bad, anyway, Be myself is my motto. Yappri yesterday was lucky day forme, had nice dinner, had nice chat with my friend . She cheerd me up and is my GOOD & CUTE english teacher. Hope she come here asap... v I have noticed that Give and Take is important. In stead of learning English, have to teach Kireina Japanese as a resturn... That could be challenging for me, though But she is talented formaking interesting japanese on her own way...good imagination I want to be a good omoshiroi communicator in this world... Today I had some lectures in Tokyo and got tired a bit....too difficult to speak Academic English,,,in addition to having less vocab, just sitting like a doll... maybe I don't get used to new class, teacher, etc. Before this lecture, I was in the different programme and all classmates were interesting and we are really goood friends...but now?? There are a lot to take in, though...rather not looking back!!! if I look back, I can't move on. Acadamic reading, research method whatever,,.....all things I hear is the first time... Somebody, say "You can do it" or " You should really focus on it and there's no time to complain" hehehe...Life is short. let's call it a day, have to do homework from now...


2005年09月06日(火) 1時42分
These days I always sigh and sigh...sigh sigh sigh!!!!
It's not a good thing I sigh DEEPLY not a tyotto sigh Since I start
part-time, I heave an audible sigh when I have a lunch break.
Maybe stress or mental fatigue?? Actually, there're no people who I know
and many things to remember..but I get used to new life. Don't know why but I do unconsciously . Here's a famous superstition- "if you sigh, your
happiness(fortune) gone." Have my happiness already gone?? If so, I should
get back asap Don't go away from me~~ .

I think being positive is very good because things could turn into better way even if it's bad for you. Things going to change with positive thinking. But
sometimes you need a break. Yes, need a BREAK It's too hard to be.
I usually positive but now....I can't!

How can be positive?
When I encounter the situation which makes me down, it's hard to be. Then, what should I do ??? Try to find next fun stuff?? Need to meet Disney stuff ?! I don't know why but I really get bored and flustrate during part-time or ESL. Well, that's the life... just try not to face look like a ZONBIE and is saying "boring boring- tsumannai." It's written on my face and
everyone can see what I feel these days...How terrible,miserable my face

Anyway, I don't feel down very much now, I'm a tough girl
Here, it's getting colder and Autumn has come,,,, I can feel breezing, not that summer's one

I think it's time to go to bed,,,,need sleep
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