Rolex Brings Out Sumptuous Combined Set That Are Worth 65,000 US Dollars

August 16 [Mon], 2010, 14:55

Recently, Rolex has released a century version of the luxury mobile phone collection, This phone uses the most advanced device and was embed a Rolex watch at the top of the phone. Since the financial storm hasn't completely left away, Rolex's strategy is to make money from people at the top.9 Signs Reminds You to Change Your pandora jewellery

This luxury mobile phone has a 2.0-inch high-definition screen and an 8 million pixel camera, And be equipped with auto-focus, which ensure the clear and delicate for image picking-up and photographing, even watch blockbuster film DVD is not a problem. The built in 16GB memory is enough to show its generosity, and all kinds of office softwares can achieve the desired speed just like the offices that carried along.Superior and Fashionable pandora on Sale Now!

With its built-in Google Maps navigation equipment, you can go anywhere you want. Strong 3G and DOLBY sounds fulfilled the need of every businessman at work or entertainment. The phone buttons are etched from airline high-precision metal, and diamonds weighing 18 karats are set elegantly on the top of the Rolex dial.

The 30 karats top sapphire suddenly makes the navigation keys bright and dazzling, rosy diamond is more rare and emerald transform into each dial-up and shutdown buttons, it is absolutely excessive luxury, precious.

The outside of ROLEX mobile phone made by fine stainless steel, which is all hand-polished. Let alone the ability of ultra-high hardness crystal screen to resist force, the internal structure is the same movement as the Rolex watch, which is after special anti-vibration handle.

So, you don`t need to worry it is just an eye candy. The kind of the mobile phone is worth SEK 450000, roughly $65,000. Imagine that if you treat it as a business gift, the negotiations should be a piece of cake.