We hope to see the second new Finnish giant in smartphone market

November 22 [Thu], 2012, 15:03
Recently, the Finnish manufacturer jolla precisely announce based MeeGo smartphone system developed in the second sailfish, which is a fortunate thing for the mobile phone lovers.

The Finnish smartphone providers Jolla has officially announced the new mobile operating system Sailfish. Sailfish prototype of Nokia abandoned MeeGo, Jolla development team spent about 200 million euros to be resurrected and turned into a new look. Sailfish full gesture support operations, and the user does not need to interrupt or enter the application, will be able to seamlessly switch interactive. , Sailfish also compatible with most Android applications, and can be widely used in smart phones, tablet PCs, smart TVs, cars and other smart devices field. STMicroelectronics, Ericsson has announced its NovaThor will support this operating system.

The prosperity and decline of Nokia, MeeGo witnessed it all. Finally, Nokia abandoned, still could not get themselves have to say is a pity. No one wants to believe that MeeGo will return to the line of sight of people, but the fact is that they return. We believe the spirit of the Finns on the pursuit of the perfect product, sailfish will be another reliable mobile phone operating system.

It is worth mentioning that Jolla has been China's largest mobile phone retailer d.phone moviles chinos became a partner, and in Hong Kong announced that it would set up an industrial alliance Sailfish version specially developed for the Chinese market. Jolla said it attached great importance to the Chinese market, company executives believe that China's localization model is very important and must be followed by the Chinese rhythm. This is somewhat similar way when Nokia open the Chinese market, precisely because of the importance the Chinese market, Nokia, Nokia fell swoop ranks first in the global cellphone manufavturer position.

If jolla can have its own independent phone engineering, it became the second Nokia is not impossible. However, we only want to see its success, does not want to see it fail.
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