2005年12月30日(金) 10時35分
i heard stores were on sale of "after Christmas" and might be..."New Year"?!

my sister wants me to buy a COACH bag for her cuz it's cheaper here than in Japan. therefore, i thought it might be better to buy one during this season cuz it might be cheaper than usual.

on Monday i went to LAX to see off one of my friends and knew about the sale. then on Tuesday i went to the mall i've heard things are cheaper than other stores...of course to look for a COACH bag. however, i couldn't find my sister's (perhaps my own) favorite type so i went to another mall. again, i couldn't find good one.

yesterday, i went to GROVE to look for a COACH bag. i still couldn't find the one my sister (maybe i) wants, so i went to another mall. actually i wanted to go to Beverly Hills cuz i remember the COACH store there is nice, but we got lost and went other stores instead. i didn't remember the street name but i did remember how the street looked like. therefore, i asked my friend to go to the street where it looked similar to the one i remembered before giving up and going back home. THEN!! finally i found the COACH store i like in Beverly Hills though i couldn't find my favorite was sold out...i could order one, and it's coming soon(^-^) well...the price didn't seem cheaper than usual for a sale but i was really happy then i checked the price of another bag i thoght might be good, and it was more expensive than that in another store i went. therefore, i went back to the store and bought one...maybe for my sister :p

i went to 5 COACH stores and 6 times in total in the two days!! our going to each store was only for my buying COACH bag...i really gotta thank my friend, Min


2005年12月26日(月) 23時07分
i joined a community site in April and have liked it, but when i saw one of my friends who's also in the site, i saw a cute blog which is...yaplog therefore, i decided to join here
since i haven't kept a diary every day even in the site i've already joined, i'm not sure if i can keep a diary relatively often...but since i like many aspects of this blog, i wanna try it out
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