June 11 [Fri], 2010, 12:03
I don't know what i write o-o' -Q
Today was a bad day, someone is annoying me greatly and I do not know why she's doing this
Love must be repressed; I even understand if it was not hitting me the way it is
People really have no idea where the others are reaching or have and do it on purpose.


June 07 [Mon], 2010, 7:35
I was thinking ..
Happiness ... It has a price to pay for it?
The answer: No.
When you're happy with something no matter if you left something behind, or someone. If part of your past, surely now it makes more sense to you
Today I took the proof
All that made me happy once it no longer makes sense today
I do not see grace in things that previously I thought was best for me
Yes, we grow and our values are changing with time. It may be that for some not, but for me, and everything changed much and instead, has made me happy.


June 06 [Sun], 2010, 9:57

Because him, I'm really happy now *-*

Love u sweetie *-*


June 06 [Sun], 2010, 9:50
Forget who i was :DDD
Now i'm a new person, i hav new love's new idea's new everyting :D -Q
Now i'm !


May 04 [Mon], 2009, 13:10
Life sucks

I'm tired of having nothing, be anything and can't do anything.

Tired, tired, tired, tired! (x_x)"

Wasted Time - Skid Row


April 18 [Sat], 2009, 13:34
so, so, so I'm back [what?]

Because my pet's dead I was so sad that not mension the birthday of my idol...
And that has left me upset ...
Anyway, he may not know, but he is a guy very important to me, and these days have been even more.. some songs make me so calm to the point that I forget the problems, sorrows and everything
Victor, Happy Birthday, late!
Hmm. I would say "I love you" but I think the term is not correct, but I don't hate you, btw...
I think "I love you " should be said that people living with you.. and you must hear this a lot of fans, I want to do/be different (u_u)
I admire you, and you are a very special person to me, as an example!


April 17 [Fri], 2009, 23:20

I'm having bad days since Tuesday!
My puppy died! I seems that I see it everywhere, and every morning I still lift you can run it from the release collar, and when I came home she would jump at you on top of us!
And what makes me more sad is that most people say "dogs die and are replaced" like, no, can't!
She suffered much before died and it was even more!
But the fact is we did everything possible to help her, and every day I think more and more the possibility of becoming veterinary, was a dream of childhood, that after all that torment again take account of my thoughts now in fact, I am not one more child ... and not cost me anything chasing that "dream".
I want my other five pets that pass by Dani passed. Never.
But I do not want to rush!

J-sus what I do?


April 14 [Tue], 2009, 1:36
Easter! Finally!
I won two chocolate eggs and are delicious! (*_*)
And finally emerged from the Sengoku Basara anime!
I love the game and also loved the anime!

Yukimura, Masamunee! are Kawaii (*-*)
I love them!

Tomorrow I have proof of school drive (TAT)
I go in first, but for that I must study more XD
So Happy late Easter! *-* ~


April 10 [Fri], 2009, 15:18

Easter, easter! In two days! I can wait (T_T)
Today I watched School Days .. the first episode is very cute! I loved!

My friend give spoiler of all anime!
And therefore I know everything that will happen XD but excited to know what will happen (*-*)

Well, I'm go sleepy (A_A)

no title

April 09 [Thu], 2009, 22:11
after years.... Q
Well, first post in english (*-*)~
I hope dont write anything wrong (o_o)

Yeah, mah english is to bad :D

Anyway.. I need easter (T_T) now, today and.. (T___T)
Ok, I'm stop!
I can wait more some days (Ç_Ç)

骸骨のうた - aicle.
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