Holidays and Tsubasa

November 26 [Thu], 2009, 4:08
So, the holidays are coming up. It just kind of hit me that Christmas is so close. I will have to start thinking about Christmas cards and gifts and plans. I am trying to make a conscious decision to look forward to it this year though. For some reason my instinct is to get a little grumpy about Christmas, but I shouldn't.

Got some mail! Always exciting.

Here I am showing off these amazing Holiday Oreos I found! The packaging is so cute, I love snowmen, and they frosting is bright red! So cute, and the cookie part has cute pictures of holiday scenes. Amazing. And my little snoopy mug that I put my Oregon Chai in to help me beat the sniffles. Sorry I look pitiful. I have been sick for over a week and it is really the worst ever.

I saw an interesting mini-documentary yesterday about Tsubasa Masakawa that really got me thinking. You can watch it in two parts on youtube here and here.

I learned about her getting pregnant and "retiring" from Popteen and how now she is a celebrated gal mom at only 23 I think? That is so young wow! And I hate that there is so much stigma surrounding her pregnancy that she had to quit while she was really on top. She is still popular regardless, but you know what I mean.

Things that I was surprised about:

She doesn't seem to live in a fancy house at all. Her and her husband live really modestly and cook and go grocery shopping and take care of the baby with little help. That was interesting. Her life is more normal than I expected.

She also seemed really detached from her baby in this documentary. She just didn't really seem to be engaged or interested in it. That could have been because there were cameras in her face or because she is a young mom or whatever reason it was just something I noticed.

And! She has a really similar mug to mine! Her's is Micky I think but they are almost the same! hah hah.

All in all, it would be really cool to have her life and be famous and have a lot of money but I am too much of a private person that I wouldn't really like all of the attention and pressure. I think it would be so annoying to be a celebrity. Any thoughts? Agree/disagree?

P.S. Jenny if you are reading this, I totally didn't mean to steal your post idea, you just beat me to the punch! Hah hah.
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