Pocky Day (11/11)

November 26 [Thu], 2009, 3:32
Sorry this is so late but I have been pretty busy.

November 11 was Veteran's day so I got to have school off which was awesome. Colin and I went to Uwajimaya, my local Japanese grocery/book store to spend time together. I was looking for some new Japanese fashion magazines but they had a really awful selection which was really disappointing! I am asking for subscriptions to Popteen and other mooks so I don't have to be upset every time I go. I figured that I wouldn't waste the trip and so I spent about $25 on Pocky, lol, unintentionally. And then I later found out that 11/11 is Pocky day! It was so funny because I had just bought a whole bunch of it. Apparently in Korea they celebrate Pocky day on 11/11 because they look like Pocky sticks and kind of treat it like Valentines Day where you give each other Pocky. How cute!

Here is my loot:

From left to right:

Hello Panda: Not technically Pocky but it was really good anyway! I love pandas and this candy came as little cookies with chocolate inside. They were really yummy!

Almond Crush Pocky: These are not my favorite but the packaging inside is really pretty. These are reserved for almond fanatics and I am just not that big on almonds.

Limited Edition Halloween Strawberry Pocky: Cute packaging, love it. Still not over Halloween, lol. I am a not a huge fan of the strawberry flavor but I am a sucker for packaging, lol.

Giant Pocky!: I was so excited about this because the red kind is my favorite, and red is my favorite color, and it is GIANT!! I wanted to frame it. I probably will.

Milk Coffee flavored Pocky: GROSS, do not want. Tasted like soggy expired bottom of the barrel cardboard coffee. Don't be fooled by the cute cow it is nasty.

Men's Pocky (Dark Chocolate): I just had to get this because Colin and I thought it was hilarious. Oh no! Have to protect the ladies from dark chocolate. We made fun of this a lot. It was really yummy.

Since I am such a Pocky fanatic I was wondering if anyone out there is as obsessed as I am? I have saved all of the packaging of every Pocky I have ever had and want to do something special with them. I was thinking of making a collage but I wanted to know your guy's opinion. Is that like over-the-top otaku? Let me know what you think.

After getting all of that Pocky, there was a freak storm where there was like sun one second and extreme rain and hail the next second. We braved the elements to go to a local pizza place where we marveled at the storm and colored a Care Bears picture like we were five. We ended up seeing the most complete and clear rainbow I have ever seen in my whole life. It was magical.

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