Happy New Years and Christmas Loot!

January 01 [Fri], 2010, 9:37
Sorry I haven't been blogging this past week or so. I have just been enjoying the holidays and my time off from school. It has been really nice. I have just been tinkering with my new Christmas toys and getting read for 2010!

Here is everything I got. From left to right for the most part:
Hello Kitty calendar, Office Clue (fun!), pink laptop skin, new planner, monkey stuffed animal from Colin, hello kitty ribbon, Akemi kimmidoll, free movie tickets (used these to see Sherlock Holmes~ so good!), make up remover wipes, mini flashlight for my car, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, light up hello kitty pen, hot chocolate mix, tweezers, penguin notepad, subscription to Popteen and Cutie, ipod touch and some key rings.

Just got a new hello kitty key chain to add to my collection, lol and a large pink polka dot keychain that makes it so you can carry your keys on your wrist on those trips to the car when you really need to use your hands. I have my car key and remote and a house key so there are more useless key chains than actual keys, but that's okay!

Got a new cute planner for the new year. I am going to spice it up with color coded pens and stickers. I really want to stay organized for school and social plans like lolita meet ups and what not.

Heh heh, have been playing with this baby every spare second. This was from Colin and was my most exciting gift. Got the Paul Frank monkey case free from one of my twitter friends, so that is cool and I have just been playing around with the apps and using it to keep up to date with twitter and stuff. I keep it in my W<3C poo and pee case to keep it safe in my purse. I have to say, the little ugly case is sort of growing on me, lol.

What did you get for Christmas? Anything exciting?

2009: A Year In Review

This has been one crazy year. There have been so many things that have made me go wtf.

The Bad:
-What is up with all of the celebrities dying? Micheal Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Daul Kim etc has just left me with a really spooky and haunting feeling from this year. Each day has been like, who's next?
-Balloon boy and Tiger Woods cheating and Jon&Kate+8 and other sensationalized stories that no one cares about.
-This year went by sooooo fast. What happened to those New Years Resolutions? Each month felt like it was slipping by and I was so focused on not letting it go and trying to reinvent myself that I was losing sight of the bigger picture.

The Good:
+This year I really got serious about photography and really haven't gone a month without getting a good shot. It has become more of a habit to bring my camera to events and places that would normally seem mundane and to try to capture the moments that might have been able to slip by. It is a very fun hobby that lets me spend more time with Colin, take great pictures for my blog, and record some of my time here on Earth.
+I have made more of an effort this year to take notice of the seasons and enjoy the holidays. I have made gingerbread houses, decorated eggs, gone swimming and hiked up mountains, and tried to find the perfect cherry blossom.
+Jillian (Colin's sister) and Bill got married in July and I am so happy for them. Their wedding was wonderful and emotional and memorable. They are perfect together and I am so glad that they will continue to let us hang out with them because they are the best of friends.

Last year on New Year's Eve Colin and I dressed up and went downtown to the busiest and most crowded part of Portland to see the big Christmas tree and countdown the seconds. We had to walk all the way back to our dorm and my fancy heels were killing me so both of us had one bare foot and one of his shoes on. It was cold and crowded and painful but at least we were together. When we finally reached home we sat on the balcony and smoked cigars and talked about the New Year. This year I plan to stay in so tonight I am going to relax and hang out with Colin's family and we are all going to eat nachos and have virgin margaritas. We might even play a little poker....wild, I know! Then we will watch the ball drop on tv and I will get my New Years kiss and everything will be perfect. :D

Let me know your plans for tonight and what you are hoping for in the coming year! I hope 2010 is a good year for all of us!
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