Shows That Made Me Cry Recently

December 17 [Thu], 2009, 11:55
I am such a sap/crybaby, I cry over a commercial or a song on the radio. Movies and tv shows really get me though. I think I just have a lot of empathy for people. I feel what the characters are going through and always get so wrapped up in the drama/emotions. Here are three unbelievable shows that have made me cry recently. I really recommend these for anyone interested in a great heart-wrenching story!

Becoming a Geisha


This documentary is an unbelievable glimpse in to the private world of the geisha as they follow a young girl on her journey to becoming a geisha. She is only 16 and is training as a Maiko. She had to leave her family behind to follow her dream but it is inspiring that she knew exactly what she wanted to do at such a young age. They follow her in her training, as she is initiated as a new geisha, and her first ventures in to the floating world. This is a great show if you are interested in the traditional side of Japan and like Memoirs of a Geisha (book or movie).

1 Liter of Tears


I can honestly say that this j-dorama made me cry more than I have ever cried about any other show. The main character is diagnosed with a spinal chord disease that will rapidly take over her body and eventually leave her immobilized and unable to speak, walk, or eat by herself and she is only 16. She is such a selfless and courageous young girl and so inspiring. She never pities herself, she only wants to help others. In addition to breaking my heart this show also helped me learn a lot of Japanese phrases and words. I learned the names for relatives like mother/father, older sister/brother, and other useful phrases. This is my favorite j-dorama for sure.

Bleak House

(on Netflix watch instantly under Bleak House)

Just finished watching this. Adapted by BBC from a Charles Dickens book. The acting was amazing, the characters and plot is so intense and everything is interconnected and engaging. You know it is a good show when you can't decide until the last episode which man you want the main character to end up with! Bastard children, death and disease, murder mystery, and about 6+ marriage proposals makes for a good show! I love period pieces and after watching this I am really getting back in to the mood. Makes me long for the simpler days when letters were exciting and everyone took care of presenting themselves and creating things that were meant to last a lifetime. Makes me want to wear a frilly dress and pen a fancy love letter tied up with ribbon by candlelight! <3

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