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December 15 [Tue], 2009, 11:36
Hey everyone. Sorry it has been so long, I had finals to work on and life is crazy busy with the holidays. I am really happy that this term is over and I am pretty sure I got all A's so that is exciting! It is so nice to have a little break from school.

This past weekend has been a lot of fun. I got to hang out with Colin's family. His mom, dad, sister, her husband, and the two of us all played Texas Hold'em Poker and we each bet $3 so that it would be some cheap fun and we ended up playing for a good two hours. Colin's sister won all of our money but I was doing really well considering it was my first time playing for real. And then we decorated Colin's mom's Christmas tree. We got to laugh at her racist ornaments and we tried to make the $25 Walmart plastic tree look real and awesome.

Yesterday I went to my local Japanese book store and bought some magazines. Their selection was way better than the last time I was there. Here is what I got:

The Scawaii came with a free WC mini bag, like the size of a digital camera. I have seen this brand popping up lately on the model blogs and it seems to be really popular.

OMG it seriously is the fugliest thing I have ever seen, lol! It is like mustard yellow with the little WC bear and it says poo and pee on it! Hah hah. Colin and I were cracking up. I think I will use it as a little camera case for my purse because I can't think of another way to use it. Have you ever gotten an ugly freebie from a magazine?

Then I got this Cutie magazine with a free Care Bears 2010 planner/organizer. It is pretty cute!

These Alice Decos are so rare! They have tons of unconventional Lolita coordinates and brand spreads.

JJ, Kera (lolta magazine), and Ageha

Have a nice day! Thanks for watching!
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