Black Friday

December 01 [Tue], 2009, 12:30
Just wanted to fill you guys in on what I have been up this holiday weekend. It was so nice to get a few days off from school and homework. Ahhh.

Friday the 27th: This was Black Friday and I totally forgot about it, lol. Colin and I went to Target to bum around because we were bored and when we pulled in to the parking lot we were looking around at all the people and crazy-ness and we were like "oh yeah! it's Black Friday, of course" and so we failed. There was an insane amount of people just grabbing the deals and taking up the aisles, it was annoying. But we didn't do any 3 am shopping or anything like that. I am not that hardcore. We actually bumped in to Colin's mom and sister and we spent about thirty minutes in the front dollar bin section of Target. That place is my favorite because of the great deals, and they always have good little gifts for pen pals or hello kitty stuff! Then Colin and I walked around and pointed at things and made fun of everything and were just generally immature. I bet he thought I was annoying because every ten seconds I was squealing "oh, how cute! look at the snowman!" about like everything in the store. Heh heh.

Such pretty decorations and lots of people, bleh.

Goofing around with the over-sized decorations. I thought this would be a cute hair accessory!

Gingerbread men are so cute! The one on the left was decapitated, though.

Colin licking a lolly pop decoration! I would love to have a candy themed tree one day!

I got this little pink Christmas tree for $2.50! So cheap. And of course, I had to get Hello Kitty ornaments. It really puts off such a warm glow and makes me smile when I look at it!

And I picked up some cards for a dollar and this cute advent calendar so that Colin and I can count down the days to Christmas starting tomorrow and eat chocolate while we wait, lol. It is fun to start new traditions.

So that was my Black Friday! Hope you liked the pictures. Did you do anything special? Are you looking forward to the holidays?
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