September 08 [Sat], 2007, 8:47
Well... today was a stupid day
A woman came here to talk to us.. because we want to take a 3 dog and... she wanted to see our house. She asked a lot of questions it was so stupid! She asked me how old i am... do i look like i'm 10? -.- I don't like here...

But tomorrow will be a great day
My Mum celebrates her birthday and her family comes...
Well, that's not the good part of the day.
Kurai & Suki will come here
Then i meet Suki for the first time.
I hope she likes me
I really like her << But i'm so ugly ><
I'm sure she will think "Oh my god, what an ugly girl, why did i write such nice things?"... Well... i'm so pessimistic ><
Kurai doesn't like children, so Jenny, Nina & Katrin will be VERY happy *evillaugh* {ハロウィン} I guess my whole family will be very happy... but i will be really happy ^.^ {ラブラブ}

Tomorrow is weddingtime, right suki? <3
hihi ^.^ i'll write again tomorrow evening ^^
goodbye everybody
[i know nobody will read this ><]

Our band <3 

September 08 [Sat], 2007, 5:18
Well, we have 4 members and are looking for a drummer. We have a vocalist, a bassist and 2 guitarists.

Our first guitar and leader is Kurai. She's 16 years old and the only heterosexual member She's our warumono, a little bit sadistic and she loves her guitar. She's the youngest member and the smallest as well

Our bassist is Yuki. She's 16 as well and she's bisexual. She says she's stupid and friendly. I quess friendly is right, but stupid.. i don't really know ^^

Our vocalist is Suki. She's 16 and bisexual, too. She loves to write songs and she's our seme-sama. I've never met her, but i will as soon as possible ^^ Then I'll write more about her, i swear

Well, the last member is... me << I'm Yu & i play the quitar. I'm the oldest member, because i'll become 17 this year. I'm bisexual, but normally i prefer girls . I'm stupid, perverted and i would die for my friends.

That's our band. It's called Craezclamation, what meens crazy eclamation ^^

oh my god, i did it 

September 07 [Fri], 2007, 18:02
it was so difficult ><
but now i have my yaplog... finally <<
i'm so happy ^.^ i really love it.
everything is so cute here...
well, i don't understand a word,
but that is unimportant.
all i wanna say is:
i love my little angels <3

and i wanna say:
you are gay and disabled
i am lesbian and hyperintelligent xD

i hate sarah's dad... he's a faggit <<
may i kill him?

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