The fighting most attractive place in guild wars 2

February 08 [Fri], 2013, 11:44
Can develop intelligence, training your mind and creativity, because you understand right skills, not creative mix of skills, then you always can not master! This is more attractive than those mentally retarded game mentally mature players!tera gold does not make people addicted, so as not to affect the normal work and study. Because fighting do not need you all day long leveling online, play equipment, so would not you engage in game as people continue to leveling the playing equipment exhausted like other needs! Though will make you addicted too, but very attractive! You can find a lot of fun in the game, people can relax in the work and study while!
Edetail, fighting pursuit of Guild wars 2 gold high-quality, high-quality concept designers! For example: When you dance, your hero and mercenary will lay down their arms at your side to accompany you; When you go to the Z-shaped running, bows and arrows, spears and even some straight magic are you shun; When you obstacles behind when you went, bows and arrows, spears, etc. can not be shot in you, which makes the game more realistic, but also make good use of the terrain becomes important; heroes, mercenaries, monsters NPC would occasionally chat speak, and the words that kinda humor, to make the game more life breath.
to facilitate transfer of the map, will not let you put the time is wasted in running Map! In the game, you just press M, it will bring up the map, point your place to go, you can send free past. Unlike other games, the people in one place, need to continue to run the map, some of the transfer fee, a waste of money in a lot of time and games.
the occupation of the main and auxiliary design, making the character's role more variability and personalized! Roles richer! Unlike some games, the warrior is the warrior, not with other vocational skills and weapons. But in the battle, the soldiers can use Ranger bows and skills, you can use the Master wand and skills, so that the soldiers have a wide variety of development direction, so as to form a rich and varied roles of soldiers, and makes the game more fun and Naiwan!

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