Batman Begins 

June 18 [Sat], 2005, 1:10
Today afternoon, my bf and I watched the most good movie, which was Batman Begins. God, i thought it was just gonna be a okay movie, but it turned out very gooooooooooooooooood movie yo~~~~hahahahaha If anybody has time, you guys should go watch this movie yo~~~~~

I finished the 2nd exam today 

June 14 [Tue], 2005, 23:42
Today, I finially finished my second exams for my psyschology class. God, it wasn't too hard compared with my last exam, but i'm not sure i can get a very good grade either. I hope at least i can get C la. waaaaaaaaaaaa
I hate psychology la.

Yuri is going back 

May 01 [Sun], 2005, 15:19
Hello everyone, I'm soooooooo lazy recently, so i didn't do anything for my website.
I'm sooooo sorry la. hahahaha

How you guying doing recently le???
I'm kind of very busy because the semester is about to end.
Also, i will have final coming soon, so i better study more la.

Anyway, one of my good YURI, she is going back to Japan soon.
Actually, i can't believe she is leaving me and her other friends.
We all gonna miss you sooooooo much yo, Yuri.
We all love you la

Ali's 21st Birthday 

April 12 [Tue], 2005, 0:01

I"m sooooo happy for Ali know yo because he is finally 21 la.
hahahaha. He can go to bar with me in the U.S.A. We are sooo
happy and excited about that. Anyway, his 21st Birthday party was awsome.
One more time, Ali happey 21 birthday la

I still have great time in New Orleans 

March 30 [Wed], 2005, 4:24

Even though I had a bad car accident, but we still got a great time in New Olearns.
I think if i wanna go to N.O., i will flight to there so i don't have car problem again.

New Orleans' Trip 

March 29 [Tue], 2005, 13:00

I'm back from New Orleans; however, i had car accident.
It is unbelievable and i really hate this car accident happen to me now. I'm soooooooo poor la Anyway, nobody needs to worry about me becasuemy car will be find and my bf and me are fine too.
We were just shocked atthat time.


March 14 [Mon], 2005, 6:53

再1個星期,我和阿里就要出去玩哩! 下星期五是米國的
Spring Break. 好開心,好開心哩! 附上1張PIC 是在Kansas City照的,帥哥一個.哈哈

Next week, Ali and I will go on our trip to New Orleans
yo. We will take a lot of good pictures and will show you guys after we came
back from our trip. by the way, this picture was in
Kansas City Zoo.

Busy Again 

March 12 [Sat], 2005, 12:25

有1個報告+1個大考.為何在Spring break之前都要如此忙哩!

Last week I was soo busy because I had two exams and one speech and than
next week I will have one more exam and speech.
God, i can't believe every time before Spring Breank I have to be busy and busy

My Chinese New Year 

March 03 [Thu], 2005, 11:05
This year I had very late Chinese New Year with my friends, but we had a lot of
fun and had a great dinner together.
This is our foods yo. By the way, that boy is from HK and the girl is from Taiwan le

Busy and Lazy 

March 03 [Thu], 2005, 10:48
Hi everyone, I'm very lazy and busy recently, so i'm not working on my site at all
Sorry about that la
I know i'm just like my cat GIGI hahahaha

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