a day out with bo 

2004”N11ŒŽ21“๚(“๚) 3Žž40•ช

Im so tired mentally all day long....

this afternoon i went to pick bo up from his mid-term test at HKU...kekek..he seemed quite hapi with this!
on the way heading to CWB, i was pissed off again!dun want this anymore laaa!!
um~but we resumed to be hapi again quite soon...still,im too tired to make a smile la,or talk more...sori ar~
we hang around in CWB la...so crowded there, we decided not to go there next time!gotta find another place for our *Happy Sataurday*...we had dinner first coz i hadnt had my lunch..........

Im so sorry for my complaint on you arr...i know u r unhapi too when u hear those...sori sori~~~~~lastly, i really wanna thank u for staying with me and talking those mo liu things with me when u sent me home....hahahha.....we could leave for a month arrr!!!!remember!!!...............and thanks for supporting me when i was "shrimp" by others...i love u

bad mood 

2004”N11ŒŽ19“๚(‹เ) 21Žž07•ช
arrghhhhh...i dunno y im in such a bad mood today!?
coz the wound on my knee is sooooo itchy all day!?
coz i have to stay home alone all day!?
coz i cant do sth i want!?
coz i have lots of assignments to do this weekend!?
coz i cant catch wut my frd is thinking about!?
coz my frd is staying far from me!?
coz i seem losing a frd who means much to me!?
coz exam is coming!?
coz i duno how to improve myself!?
coz u r soooo busy!?
coz u dun understand me!?
coz u r not beside me!?
coz i have too many doubts!?
coz i have lots of frustration!?

all becoz im too stupid

looking for FUN 

2004”N11ŒŽ18“๚(–ุ) 23Žž41•ช
on leeana's request...i post sth here la~~heheh~
my school week has ended today with a harsh writing test........i didnt perform very well....i can say,kinda bad coz i couldnt finish the whole essay........i know im not the one who can do well in english writing exam!!!my HKCEE and AL have told!!!huh~
one thing makes me sooo relaxed is that all the MKT presentation have been finished!!!still have a report to finish only~god bless!
actually this weekend i will be having alot to do again................but now im juz letting myself stay as lazy as i could...hahhaa........yet i dun feel good...............WHY!!
i need some FUN i need to laugh out loud i need more people staying around me.......

relaxing thursday 

2004”N11ŒŽ12“๚(‹เ) 1Žž04•ช

Changed a new layout again...coz my mood is not quite good now~
Umm...these days Ive been busy doing my assignments, finally had them handed in today. Today i skipped my Eng seminar again coz its too boring to attend la...i cant think of a good reason for me to attend it and not having a nice rest~So, after talking about the MKT project with my groupmates, i went CWB alone to buy 2005 date book which ive been thinking of buying or not~finally i ve made up my mind and bought the one in C!tySuper.On the way going to tuition, my aunt called telling me no tuition today~wow~my relaxing time was extended!!!but cannot earn more...i have to work more this month arrr...or i cant spend much in the shopping holiday ga laa~i wanna buy so many things arrr!!!!
After homed, I read the CosmoGirl...hohoho~long time havent been this relaxed la u know...then i took an one-hour nap~~soooo great

Arrghh...forget to mention...i wont be able to take part in tmr's Rugby League laa...Im soooooooooooooooooooooooOOoooOoooo disappointed...aiiii~because i got my knee seriously hurt during training on Tuesday........sighhh~~~~!!And now im juz like a handicapped, being unable to walk properly...and no one takes care of me.....

and now...im quite angry...
or i ask for too much?
anyway, i miss uuuuuuuu

here is wut i bought today:

useless me 

2004”N11ŒŽ06“๚(“y) 13Žž28•ช
i worry about my Dad, i would like to pass all my luck to him, though i dun have much...i dunno wut to do to help him...im so useless...im too bad...
i want to be stronger to protect them

hide up all my tears!!!!!!!!tears no more!!!!!!!!


2004”N11ŒŽ05“๚(‹เ) 2Žž37•ช
yesterday we have got our MKT report back...u know wut,we got an A+ surprisingly!!!!!!!I am relli sooooooooo hapi about this, my efforts is worthwhile~!!!and the comment reveals that i have much improvement in presentation this time!!relli relli so so sooooo excited about it arr~~~hope u guys can share the joy with me hehehehheeeee~~~~~~~~

tmr i will have the last mid-term test which is Econ, in which i have the most confidence ~hope i can do better in this test so as to offset those done poorly...

alrite~~stephie~u needa keep it up!!!

p.s. kinda miss u........................

p.s.2 tmr nite i may have to take part in the Rugby League, im so nervous and excited about it lehhhh~

finished 2 tests!!!!!!!!!!!! 

2004”N10ŒŽ31“๚(“๚) 1Žž42•ช



2004”N10ŒŽ28“๚(–ุ) 22Žž33•ช




random thought 

2004”N10ŒŽ27“๚(…) 22Žž12•ช
fantasy should remain as fantasy
it will be always sweeeet

finish MKT report!!! 

2004”N10ŒŽ27“๚(…) 3Žž28•ช
yeaaahhhhhhh!!!finally finished the MARKETING REPORT...though it only counts for 10%...we had spent a great deal of time on it lehhh...

aiii....but hard work is coming one by one...or two by two tim.............tmr continue my study on Acc. and QM sin~~~~~~~ganbatte!!!!!

i really want a long long vacation...........the one in December will be very very NICE!!as it lasts for exactly a month!!!im longing for a happy christmas lehh~~~heheh~(would it be too early to talk about this leh??)

alrite...gotta seize the chance of taking rest!!go to bed now.....

p.s.i want some sweet stuff to color my boring life ahhhhhhh
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