Readers Write: Gun-rights advocates have

June 11 [Tue], 2013, 5:41

Regarding the May 6 D.C. Decoder, "":seems to be beholden to the National Rifle Association's position on the right to bear arms under the . We are living in a different world from the nation's founders. It is time to remind ourselves that law in America may be amended when a significant number of people seek a change.

The interpretation of the Second Amendment by gun-rights advocates as disallowing any regulation of guns fails to understand human rights. By supporting gun ownership as an unrestricted right, they allow gun violence and public mayhem to exist. The Second Amendment must be interpreted or amended to ensure the protection of all.

Roger Neetz

Vero Beach, Fla.


I presume that the Monitor's View of May 13, "" was written beforewiped clean his "red line" against the use of gas in Syria. Unfortunately, world leaders are not taking "stiff action" against the use of gas that the editorial says they are contemplating. Instead, they continue to study the situation and ask more questions, knowing they will get multiple conflicting answers.

Predictably, the Monitor and others who want "to protect the innocent" agonize over any reaction that might cost more innocent lives. Lost in this heartfelt hand-wringing is that with every passing day more innocents die. Since Mr. Obama sternly admonishedthat the use of chemical weapons would be a "game changer," thousands more have lost their lives.

Sending Secretary of State John Kerry to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin is a fool's errand. Russia and Iran are arming Mr. Assad while the putative leader of the free world confuses those who might support the anti-Assad militants with his meaningless rhetoric. Obama does "[know] the principle at stake in chemical warfare," as the editorial states, but he dithers. His lack of leadership on Syria will be seen historically as America's shame. Have we forgotten Rwanda so soon?

Roland Martin

Carmel, Calif.

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