seamless steel pipe Profile specifications

July 19 [Thu], 2012, 20:25
Uses and specifications of seamless steel pipe Profile

      The new year, new start, new and old customers this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year! Welcome to buy the company manufacturing the seamless steel tubes, the following is simply to introduce the main purpose of the next seamless steel pipe and specifications!

     The main purpose of the seamless steel pipe can simply general management, mainly for steel specifications (outside diameter and wall thickness), quality (surface condition, dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties) as well as packaging, marking, ie, hot-rolled and cold drawn (rolled) carbon steel, quality carbon steel, ordinary low-alloy structural steel and alloy structural steel used as transmission fluid pipe or production of a variety of structures, parts Seamless steel tubes for general purposes.

     The main specifications of seamless steel pipes are mainly the following classification:

     Hot-rolled tube outer diameter φ32 ~ 630mm, wall thickness 2.5 ~ 75mm, length 3000 ~ 12500mm, the short tube length 1500 to 3000mm.

     Cold drawn (rolled) tube outside diameter of φ5 to 200mm, wall thickness 0.25 ~~ 14mm; if the wall thickness of ≤ 1mm, length 15 ~ 7000mm; if the wall thickness> 10mm, length 15 ~ 9000mm short foot tube length of 500 to 1500mm.

The steel pipe according to the use of classification?
Release time :2012 -01-10 00:22
       We all know that steel pipe, and a variety of classification, can be classified in accordance with the methods of production, can also be classified in accordance with their material is different, can also be classified in accordance with the connection, then the steel pipe in accordance with its purpose classification? Today and to be a simple introduction, in accordance with the purpose can be mainly divided into the following categories:

     A piping tube. Such as: application to in life, water, gas pipes, steam pipes are seamless pipe, oil pipeline, oil and gas trunk pipe. Agricultural irrigation taps with pipes and sprinkler irrigation with tubes.

Thermal equipment tube. Such as boiling water tube boiler, superheated steam locomotive boiler overheating tube, opium pipe, a small breathing tube, arched brick pipe and high temperature and high pressure boiler tubes.

Mechanical industrial . Such as aviation structural tube (tube, oval tube, flat oval tubes), automobile axle tube, axle tubes, structural tubes of automobile and tractor, tractor oil cooler pipe, agricultural machinery with a square tube and rectangular pipe, transformers, tubes and bearings tubes.

Petroleum geology drilling pipe. Such as: steel pipe oil drilling pipe, drill pipe (Kelly and hexagonal drill pipe), drill collar, oil pipeline, oil casing and various fittings, geological drilling pipe (core pipe, casing, active drill pipe, drill collar hoop and pin connector).

Chemical industry pipe. Such as: petroleum cracking tubes, chemical equipment, heat exchangers and piping tube, stainless acid-resistant pipe, conveying chemical fertilizer with high-pressure pipe and medium pipe.

Six other departments with the tube. Such as: the container tube (high-pressure cylinder tube pipe and container), instrumentation tube watch shell pipe, tube needle medical devices.

    By introducing believe that we also understand that some of the main purposes of the steel pipe, and finally Welcome to Zhongyuan Steel Pipe ( to purchase the needed steel pipe, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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