☆My first ENTRY 

2005年03月25日(金) 16時35分
Hey, its me lol.. its like my first time writing in this... lol.. and today... spring breaks started yay ive like always been waiting for this break cause its so long.. and im staying here.. i had so much stress when i was at school and so on.. okay so last night i went to A&W with michelle and a buncha people were there.. i mean it was pretty fun.. but it was raining so.. hmm.. after A&W we went to the candian club.. and then we were gonna swim.. but there was lightning so.. we didnt.. and now today... michelles coming over to my house at like 2:30.. and then we are going to her house, and then we are probably gonna go to the candian club.. dont know yet.. anyways.. ill tell you more when i come back tonight, okay? CYAZ lataz people! bye bye^^
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