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mar,april / 2007年04月12日(木)
31/3 morning woke up and to chai wan, relatives joined, and walked a longway up hill, then later they went drink tea, i went home nap, later met lp n to lok fu, played namco, lp ho ging again, won man rilakkuma, ahha then dinner ate thai food, thx lp then bought rilakkuma stickers, n lp bought a rilakkuma fone-stripe, then to find yoyo and watch football, later bought little dim sum n to lp home, slept there 1/4 shatin woke up then went to eat noodles with lp, then to shatin, bought some bells and monkichi box, later shirley joined, n we went to hksm, then later walked to lung wah hotel, dinner with uunclse n auntie too, n later walked a while in shatin, lp bought stuffs in bonjour 2/4 tst today went to met lp, then to city's super, bought the plants and stuffs and we decorated it for gift, then lp put it down in office, n we went to city's super again bought some crystals, then went to eat kebab, yummy again, lp's smile so cute haha then walk around, bought a tee, haha 1015 in uniqlo, then walked around~lp bought a top at last 4/4 dinner with family , seafood^^ 5/4 met lp , shum shui po, dinner with her n her relatives, then walked around, ate super yummy greentea ice-cream and cheap, good, lp bought yummy cookies, bought rilakkuma dolls, then to my home 6/4, went out, bought ps2 games in 188, mushou orochi ho play, then also sticked new phone skin, then dinner in the tea rest next to 188, quite good ar, also bought monkey glass stickers, walked around clothes shop, me n lp also bought clothes, hehe 7/4 macau day 1, a shocking day . 8/4, macau day 2, ok la at last, then back home, 9/4, went to taikoo with lp, but afternoon played a while ps2, um, uny is refurbishment ah, then bought some bells in dai fat hong, also some monkichi star paper, then i bought a chain of amethyst, love it, lp bought black biksai, then i bought some decorations stuffs, monkichi tape, minna no tabo rubber stick , then played namco, ho ging ah ahah, i won weight marbles la, n lp won many prizes in rainbow, got a star glass bottle for hasingsing hehe, n at last ate dinner in jusco, too much haha, then bought stuffs in jusco supermarket, back home with lp play game, 10/4, also play game la, at night watch man u, wow, 7-1 from roma 11/4, mk, today went out find lp, then went to mk, collect monkichi bags from bid, lp dun drink vinegar la, then walked around, to sino, bought sanrio puroland's monkichi pen and stickers, super pretty, then bought 2 clothes in chic g bo, then dinner in sweetheart garden rest, then to new shopping centre, lp bought clothes, then to sun g shing, n to mongcentre, lp bought nail stuffs, then to luen hop, bought dou 97 monkichi stickers hehe, nail stick type, then later walked around garden st., bought gatsby facial paper, then to new century , sit a while with lp, then left lu~

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