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cook together~ / 2005年06月30日(木)
today went down to meet lp, then we went to buy fruit juice, then bought a chicken roll and went somewhere to eat, feel good, but lp bite my lips!! was quite painful in the beginning
then went to park n shop bought stuffs, and then back home, play the questions game, sorry ah lo por...really sorry, i am wrong!....forgive me..please...then cook dinner, so good eat la, sweet, and watched tv~ then sung lp go home

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home / 2005年06月29日(水)
today woke up and then tidy room, then at night
eat at home and went to supermarket
and then watch football at night

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tst>home / 2005年06月28日(火)
today lp wake me up and then went to meet her in tst, then went to sing k in miramar red box, waited for a while then sing jor nearly 3 hours~ and then walk to tung ying walk, found the cosmetic shop and bough eye and face mask and lp bought some cosmetics, seems quite good,
then lp went to bonjour buy a container, then we went to arcade~ at last get back no.1 la play thrilldrive, then after that walk to harbour , played low b things, hehee, and then walk to star light big road, sit a while~ and then walk to tunnel station, b4 that bought a cup of juice, ho jin ah the shopkeeper, have big or small but not ask and gave a big cup..
thrn had dinner at home~ chiu sleepy, sleep jor a while.

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2sis home+lp home / 2005年06月27日(月)
woke up and then called tea express, and then played dai fu yung 7 with lp, hoho play ^^
and then shower and went to lp home eat dinner, and played with dogs, then watched tv and helped lp massage, back home , exercise~

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chuenwan+2sis home / 2005年06月26日(日)
today wake up and went out and bought some dvd+r and then went to meet lp in chuen wan, then we walked to 1000sik dim, then ate some satay bbq, very good eat, and lp bought a mushroom top, then went to jusco, bought 3 shirts, so good, and then lp draw eggs,, have pikachu ~ then walked $10 shop but bought nothing, the 1st time, then went to change clothes, then walked back and went to eat in a japanese restaurant, everything is ok but only that shit waiter, fuck him la, made mistake himself and wanted to inch me, then later lp get very angry, wanted to write the questionnaire, and then dog come and be polite, no next time la here, also plus the pirates bastards, also on 9 , this whole building is black listed!
but then walked to sun g shing, bought mini pullip noir( yeah, tumtum is borned, i love her)
really love that shop quite a lot, always have good things, then as we consumed and got some coupons to play in arcade, so played clap clap game and thrilldrive and paint spray, then took minibus to 2sis home, played 3avatar longtime, hoho play, haha especially the big fish eat small fish game, and later decided to sleep there, and went down with lp and bought some foods and drinks back and eat with 2sis , then later 2sis go work and we watched movie, when teens is 15 16, then later very sleepy....

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drink tea+shatin+lp home / 2005年06月25日(土)
woke up and went to drink tea in tanyoto with relatives, and then dad drive me to meet lp in shatin, then walked around, bought some earings in lucky, then went to new town plaza, watched baby crawling competiton, always thinking for a matter, then seen bags, and bought some refreshment in seiyu, then bought a mushroom keychain with lo por(mario )and went to take photo sticker and went to arcade, afterwards went to a bad restaurant called lufouchon, sth like that..ate tea, then went to lp home and played with dogs a while then sleep together, sweet, then wake up and then called kfc express, watched tv then later shirley back and bought a very nice dress and cum fa, so nice, then after eating and leave lu~back home and watched football and done exercise

p.s. where is my fire?

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lost2 / 2005年06月24日(金)
had hot pot at home today...
feel lost...
went down and watch the water running, and saw that cat again, maybe only it can give me a bit awakness at that moment

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lost1 / 2005年06月23日(木)
ate at home today, and went to supermarket at night, bought johnson's baby bath, smells good ~ and then do exercise, tidied room a bit.

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lo por i love you / 2005年06月22日(水)
today woke up and went to meet lo por in mk, then later suki joined us, and walked mk to find present for kinki, and then ate some snacks on the street and then bought a playboy bag in chiu dak, then went to I.T., and later c lo, kinki and man joined us, and we went to neway city k party, later, orange jai and his fd came, and then drink and eat buffet and play dice and sing k, after k, went to take photo stickers, and wanted to eat hui lau shan but no space then dismiss, done exercise.

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haircut+2sis home / 2005年06月21日(火)
today woke up and booked for haircut then later go down to haircut
and then after that bought a cup of fruit juice and went to find lo por in 2sis home
ordered tea eat, then played computer, watched tv, then later hehe play with haha, then played 3avatar mini games, hoho play. have dinner at lo por home, very good eat ah tonight, and played with duc duc mainly, went back to 2sis home played fighting game...super exhausted, then went home, do exercise, super breathetaking...

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