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no title / 2005年04月20日(水)
diet coke with lime

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home / 2005年04月14日(木)
today v ery late still sleeping and didn't meet lp
and just stayed at home, and went to 7-11 at night

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2sis home / 2005年04月13日(水)
wake up and then went downstairs to buy tea for lo por, lp not feeling well
climate so so comfort, little rain, cool, and little wind, ~ then we watched tv in 2sis home and later go out to see doctor with lp and then bought fairwood for dinner, went home later~canceled dinner with family today

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tst>hot pot / 2005年04月12日(火)
went to tst , ate pie &tart,then sing k with lo por por , then walk around and lp bought anna sui powder
walked longshing, then later take bus to hung hom, walked jusco and then meet sze lo, walked a while and then go to new star take place, ordered many snakcs , drinks and salmon, then later kinki and suki came, and we all crazy and put all the foods into the pot, ate some chicken son, quite good, haha, and then ate lots of things and took photo,
finish and suki and kinki went home and then me lo por and clo ate desserts in sesame green bean, but have to eat someone's pudding lor, cannot eat siu yuen gi, then we took minibus and me and lo por get off in prince edward and change minibus to 2sis home, it was raining ah~~ then we play a while games and watched siu sun, very happy and sweet~~~ love you lo por. and later sleep lu

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wanchai, cwb / 2005年04月11日(月)
went to eat hardees with lp today, eat jor ha sing sing, and then went to 188, buy jor a gunblade , then laer buy jor an aquarius saint cloth box, and then went to 298 bought jor dvd-r , then walk to cwb walk, walked dei dai, easy kwok station, lp buy jor a pincess ring, veyr beautiful, then went to arcade play a while, tonight lp pay me a korean bbq in hoong yeung yuen, enjoyed, and then later went to play touch screen again and won the quiz game~

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grandma home / 2005年04月10日(日)
wnt to have dinner in grandma home, then went to buy dvd-r after tht and watched football a while

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shatin / 2005年04月09日(土)
went to eat hoho with lp, when she finished she go to buy a shirt for me and i eat the beef brisket sauce ...noodle.....no soap at all, then change it and walk shatin, and she bought jor dress and shoes for tomorrow and i bought earing, tand went to bookshop see and buy wanhoi, then later went to 2sis home to take things then went to lp home, she study and i read books, and she ding jor siu yuen g hoho eat and she ate noodles later.

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lp sch,home / 2005年04月08日(金)
today very sleepy and then later lp come here and today super sleepy, and we went to park n shop buy jor food to cook chicken thigh tomato butterfly pasta, with mushroom~~
p cook duck very ho eat, then play some music and turn on the air-con~later go to school with lp then see so many people, but her miss no come, then went to my home,
and lp slept la, later me also sleep a while and hehe and haha play, then later go down with lp sung her back home

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2sis home> ma on shan / 2005年04月07日(木)
today go to 2sis home and bought some foods for them, then watch j-drama there, later me and lo por go to ma on shan...... shit, then walk a while, lo por bought me tea candy and she bought a heart mold, then later she bought some clothes in lady story,
and bought face wash, then at last had dinner in daddy's kitchen, a very delicious cafe~ lp eat jor ink fish juice noodle and i steak, very good eat~ then walk a while and later back home lu

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kln bay / 2005年04月06日(水)
today went o kln bay with lp, lp buy jor suit, wear duck ho pretty ah
then went to eat dinner in yeh lum kok, and then take jor photo sticker, ho ho play
have sofa, then we bought some earings, and l buy a ring and then go to sin jek arm and back home after that

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