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  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Squall ^_^
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1983年2月1日
  • アイコン画像 職業:大学生・大学院生
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    ・音楽-j-pop, J-rock
JUL5 / 2006年07月22日(土)
19/7, woke up then no phone called received still worry, then took taxi to british consulate general, got the ukrp la~then back home, then went to find lp, then went to whompoa, ate beef balls this time, n wonderland, bought seiya egg n bb candy, then went to eat bread, then played arcade, then jusco, lp bought a very nice jeans, then i bought some socks, then $10 shop, bought stuffs, then ate ji ging, chaned now, not good anymore and expensive.. then left. lp quite black today begin. 20/7, went to met lp n then went to buy bean, and siu mei, then bought cheung fun, n parn n shop, ate at lp home tonight 21/7, woke up, mum bought cheung fun me eat, then later went down ex, then watch tv, tidy room and clean room, they bought hot pot foods back later~
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JUL4 / 2006年07月22日(土)
14/7, woke up, then ate noodles and went to wong chukhang, only 3 people today, ho fast, then went back home 15/7, shatin, today went to drink tea a short wile then met lp, then went to shatin, see shoes, ate lunch in th, then see shoes, n lp bought stuffs in fancl, then saw shoes in sportshouse but no my size, then went to another sportshouse, my size need order but bought jor another pairs, nike airmax resolution II, wanna use for running, but now duno la haha, then lp bought clothes in ceu, n bought necklace for her as 17th gift, very nice, n she bought another clothes in rio, then went to eat ice-cream, tofu~ n we also bought a straight back stripe, hheee, then went to market, to lp home,n to buy rice,lp helped me do face care then night went down rent vcd, 2 movies, sleep @lp home 16/7 woke up then called my, then watch tv, later went to buy thai foods, lp stomache, worry, watch tv~ 17/7, 4.7 years la, lp i love u ah~ went to met lp then jap rest has closed down, so walked around, ate jor cheung fun n siu mai, then went to park n shop, bought jor some foods, then bought jit gwa, lp cook din din, hehe, so yummy ah, n lp must be very tired, then watched tv, n then played run online, very goo dplay ^^ hehe, when leave lp went down with me to 7-11, bought free drinks, n get the run online cd, helped p to take the drinks up, then left la, n bought another 2 b4 home~ played run online at night, hoho play 18/7, can't sleep, took docs, then went to british consulate general, and then went home n sleep, at home tonight . play run online~
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JUL3 / 2006年07月22日(土)
9/7, woke up, called mei yuen, then later went down with lp take clothes wash, then lp bought mc donald's, and a plastic bucket, then i went to grandpa home dinner. italia won the world cup, yeah !! zidane, u showed your true face. 10/7, today slept late as tired, then stayed at home 11/7, whompoa, today went to do ex, then met lp, n we went to get smart id card, met uncle on the street, then lp bought starbucks, choclate frappachino, then took bus t whompoa, ate hill gun and i ate pig big intestines, saw a no home teach daughter n mum, then walked wonderland, bought jor decoration n db super figure soul, then went to sasa, lp bought stuff, n then ate bread, crescent vs. baker's choice, bought some toys in kinsmart too, then went to arcade, then jusco, p bought por mo so joke, then went to $10 shop, lp bought bath salt and buy me a very nice light blue towel, i love it, thx, then ji ging renewal, at last went to cheung wing eat, quite good eat, then lp bought jor shoes, jim head, hehe, girlish, then left la~ 12/7, lokfu, today went to met lp, then went to lokfu, ate jor sausage n inkfish ball, then bought jor skin cream, then bought jor ice clay, then lp bought black spot stick, then walked around, n lp bought thing in $10 shop, n played namco, wow, win jor some stuffs and 2 rilakkuma rubbish bin, hehe, a pair, then walked jusco, lp bought me pajamas, comfort, then dinner in food court, then at last bought jor a square shirt~oh missed lesson>.< 13/7, woke up, then went to wongjukhang, simulation driving today, ok good play la, hehe, passed the test, then went home, walked to see running shoes, bought mc donald's, tonight eat pizza
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JUL2 / 2006年07月22日(土)
5/7, shatin, today sleep late then went to met lp, then went to shatin, walked commercial press, walked around then went to jumping gym, then lp bought trousers, look so nice, then ate juk dei un, new muchha fappa, nice, then walked lucky, then new town plaza, lp bought a bag in pit, then dinner at maple classic, ate italian foods, then walked seiyu, i bought a shirt in bgw~then lp bought stuffs in bonjour` 6,7/ today went to do ex, then to cosmos, bought 2 sticker books, black color pages, yeah, that cashier is a bitch, then went to park n shop, baker's choice n home 7/7, mos, little hot day,today went to do ex, then met lp, went to maonshan, ate a-1 bread, not good, then went to san-x shop? lp bought a rilakkuma mirror, super nice inside la, i bought 2 stickers, then found the royal aroma lamp water fragrance, bought rose n lp bought yugari..? then went to 100color shop, i bought a nice box vitamin a&C candy(CA), i only like c, hehe, n lp bought kinokoron triffle biscuit, then walk around, then lp bough 2 vests, nice, fafa, then dinner in windsor(similar as yea lam court), hot, waited longtime, then went o wellcome, bought lavender fragrance n lp bought chewing gum n stuffs, walked colormix, citistore, then went to lp home a while, back home, eeee** 8/7, tuen muen, slept late, then met lp in tst east station , then took bus to nam cheung station and then west railway to tuen muen, n walked to city centre, walked around, found that people like to wear in black, haha, i bought shiseido oil paper, n lp bought hair clip, then walked jusco, and then again , the same last, ok la, ate bread , then bought zippo lighter fluid, then walked around again, at kast, dinner in hong yeung yuen, quite good la, but very fast became full, then took bus back to lp home, watched football and ate dessert. slept there.
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july1 / 2006年07月05日(水)
1/7, today went to buy sausage, then met lp, she bought strawberry green tea, then we took mtr to taikoo, so many people today, cos everywhere have big sale, many childs, we went to uny, lp see shoes, very nice ah, the sales is funny, then walked around, my turn to see clothes, cross tee, at last found both have L size, went to toilet, then bought muchha in juk dei un, that woman...crazy, then went to toyserus, saw cyber formula cars, new, bought 2, and helped tobee bought candy, then went to jusco walk, wanna eat, but man y ppl, at last went back to citiplaza and ate kam's cafe so nice, then went to jusco, lp wanna buy skirt^^ bought 2, very lovely~ then i try shorts but mo buy, then went to buy dog food, and then went to lp home drop down things, and went to uncle's home watch ball, then back to lp home sleep. 2/7, woke up then went down with lp buy cheung fun and dim sums, then buy dog foods and households, n back , watch tv, initial d day?? 3/7, today went to do ex then met lp, then went to lp home cos lp's teeth not well, bought some breads and mannings, then she fixed longtime also not go, decided not go out, then i helped her buy sth , at night went down to buy takeaway, watch tv 4/7, wawawa, today went to hkschool of motorring, take bus there , then done some paperwork, and take lecture~, 2 lectures, after that, book for next lecture and simulation driving, then left, walk pass ocean park, feel so cute, hot, then went to be-labo cut hair, wow, super nice, hehe, then went to cosmos, bought a sticker bookm coolm black color pages, then also bought breads in happy cake shop, then went to park n shop, bought many stuffs~^^ a bit tired but happy~~ went home, oh italy won ^^!
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june6 / 2006年07月05日(水)
27/6, whompoa, today went to do ex, then renew id card, so fast, then bought starbusks new chips mocha, good, then wait lpp, n took bus to whompoa, walked wonderland, ate hillgun and fishball, then went to sasa lp bought sth, then went to eat bread, crescent and baker's choice, then went to arcade, new touch screen game, $1 good play, then walked jusco, no more foodcourt>.< then play namco, nth much won, then ate dinner at jigingyuen, then walked 5cm and b+ab, bought 2 clothes to lp, nice, then went to see clothes in export, n walked to station 28/7, today went to met lp, then went to eat cheung fun then $10 shop, and sing k~ then left lu..lp dun worry me la, things are different now 29/6, today went to play football, met edward, gil, ian in mtr then met bill, so hot at first, later wilson came and gil went somewhere, then later cooler abit, play till 6, then bill went home shower, gil them left, then the rest with me went to tea restaurant, ate noodles and drink , then went home, later went down to 7-11 buy rice, at night father injured and went to hospital check..n back later~ 30/6, woke up and ate lunch with family, then help father to transfer papers. back home n later went to met lp, n then ate hadees, then went to watch kelly spirit tonight, a good show~ then went to park n shop with lp and back, ai, the shit referee, not fair.
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june5 / 2006年07月05日(水)
21/6, today went to meet lp, then went to shatin and wait auntie, then we went to watson's, then jumping gym, played a while lp won hit hit ans i got a book and i changed 4 star dragonball holder, then we went to eat little paris yuet nam food, very very "big" but foods are good, then we went to oto, then auntie left and me and lp see clothes , lp bought jor dress, then went to lp home try dress~ an d left 22/6, went to do ex, then went out shopping, bought a large drawing book and some stickers in cosmic books, then went to bonjour, bought shampoo and bio peeling gel, got vip card, then bought some model case in toys street, then bought some breads in baker's choice,fish ball noodles tonight 23/6,today went to do ex, then met lp , went up a while, then went to nokia,many people, then went to $10 shop, bought stuffs and clean silver cloth, n ate siu mai and cheug fun, then back to nokia, n then took mtr to ymt, met tommy on the street, then went to 7-11, lp charge battery, then walked siu man, then apply for driving lessons, talked a longtime, then accompany lp apply card to get the minna no tabo mirror, so big, hehe. then went to langham place, walked extravaganza then seibu, then went to sun g city, lp bought xxxx, then walked mong middle, lp saw a nice coat, n found it has mushroom pattern , bought it, i bought candy is little bee, then lp bought hair clip, then went to eat dinner in silver dragon, so crowded with ppl watching world cup, and noisy, full, then walked a round n left~ 24/6, went out at night to met lp and unc and aun, n took taxi to lp home, bought some foods in little bee, and watch football 25/6, woke up watch tv then went to him kee hot pot with relativesn family, then back home set the cupboard and big change place~~~ 26/6 , lp not feeling well, stayed at home, tidy room
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june4 / 2006年07月05日(水)
13/6, went to met lp, then walked rio, then took mtr to lokfu, went to pharmacy lp buy mopiko, then post letter, then went to $10 shop, lp bought jor straight nail cutter, then play namco, lp ho ging , win jor knife game, rainbow and then found the method to play magnetic, we won 3!!! mushrooms~ hehe, n played catch table tennis balls too, then we went to eat dinner, ho ho eat, then lp bought jor 2clothes~the 2nd one ho lang, then i bought clothes, bought 1 tee, very like it, then we went to toys dept, i bought 2 model box, then left lu 14/6, dinner with relatives 15/6, met lp then went to took clothes for lp, then went to her home play hei guk, and later went down buy dinner, cafe de coral, back home watch england, well done~ 16/6, went to do ex, then went out for shopping, bought book wrap, then bought 2 cups, lovely, then went to park n shop bought some foods and then went home by new road. 17/6, slept slept and slept, went to do ex, then went to park n s hop bought sushi and drinks, back home..lp 4yrs and a half la love u ar. 18/6, went to grandma home dinner, then went to mannings bought jor vocano water and father's day present, then back home, splved lu~ 19/6, today woke up a bit early, a bit sleepy, then went to do ex, then met lp and took bus to kln bay, ate jor strawberry forever puffs, then went to hsbc 2 times, then watched penalty shoot, then walked around, bought not rely others, lp bought jor clothes, i boought jor ice clay, then lp bought clothes again!, then dinner at yeah lam court, then lp bught jor hair stripe, and mushroom decoration, i bought jor cross mobile sticker and sticker book~ 20/6, at home today , tidy room mostly
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june3 / 2006年07月05日(水)
8/6 today went to do ex, then met lp and went to $10 shop bought some stuffs, then walked to ar`cade, then harbor city, bought a keep fit equipment, lp too, and also a file., then walked lcx, then later ate kebab, super yummy, i like the avocado sauce!, then went to bonjour and sasa, lp bought jor annasui powder and peeling gel, then went to the face shop, boght some stuffs too. 9/6 today went to met lp, on time~ , then ...heavy rain!, at lat took taxi to whompoa, make jor titanium keys, ate baker choice's bread, nice, and then played jumping gym, we won bok bok, n thx lp , for the seiya aquarius hyoga figure~, then went to ate dinner, and $10 shop, nice spongee for bath~ n jusco, wanna buy a sand bag ^^. walked jusco supermarket, lp found final fantasy XII Potion!, an energy drink crossed with suntory, super great~bought jor, work, but not good taste~then left lu~ 10/6. went to to find lp, so cool today, then walked lung shing, n had lunch in tea rest, then went to arcade, then walked around and to chung hing station, bought some stickers, n bought cosmed cleaning gel and fac oil paper, the took kcr to shatin, bought a sketch book for my collection. at night watch football in lp home, england match and trinida, so good` 11/6, woke at lp home, cooked some balls to eat, then at night called takeaway. so cool tonight^^ 12/6, went to mek]t lp, then went to do wui, bought boxing set in kettler, lovely, then went to walk around in station, ate jor i'm lovin it, then later lp bought cosmetic water, and walked to korean food store, lp bought vermicelli for mum, then went to ate japanese open question with mum n dad too, man y nice foods, then left lu. p.s., boxing at home ^^
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june2 / 2006年07月05日(水)
3/6, day 2...night, went to tsuen wan meet lp and suki, they also make straight hair,look very nice~ then we went to ate noodles, i drink grapefruit lemon tea, then we walked around,we walked lots of place, suki bought clothes, at last, i found the big air fragrance machine in nam fung, and cheap, good, but she packed it like a cakebox for me, sigh, then we went to yau kee eat deeserts, so yummy, then after that we accpompany suki to take transport and i went to lp home. happy tonight, like the feeling.p.s., thx for lp's lovely eye care^_^ good 4/6, played hei goot today , called takeaway, then night went to meet uncle and auntie and shirley, hotpot, in fatcow,after that, most of us got stomach pain, and went home lu~ 5/6, ssp, today do ex, then meet lp, walked around in jordan then eat jor cheung fun and went to toilet, lp bought lang lang clothes in rio, then went to shum shui po, walked to west kln, saw dou fragrance shops la, bought jor sandlewood water-melt frgrance ^^ , lp bought jor many accessories, so lovely, then ate dinner in yuet lam rest., mint special drink ah ~ great, then went to take bus to lp home., then left later~ 6/6, shatin, met lp and we rush to find auntie, then we went to shatin, walked 5cm and hoso, at last bought 2 polo-shirt in hoso, then we went to M&S, lp bought jor a very nice smell rose spray, and lp bought a pari of shoes, then we ate siu yuen gi and muchha of cos and walked around, went to optical 88, lp take con, and we bought cafe de coral, helped an english to oder things and a shit c lai dont follow the queue, damn her. 7/6 woke up , went to do ex, then dinner, went to supermarket tonight
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