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  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Squall ^_^
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1983年2月1日
  • アイコン画像 職業:大学生・大学院生
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    ・音楽-j-pop, J-rock
mar,april / 2007年04月12日(木)
31/3 morning woke up and to chai wan, relatives joined, and walked a longway up hill, then later they went drink tea, i went home nap, later met lp n to lok fu, played namco, lp ho ging again, won man rilakkuma, ahha then dinner ate thai food, thx lp then bought rilakkuma stickers, n lp bought a rilakkuma fone-stripe, then to find yoyo and watch football, later bought little dim sum n to lp home, slept there 1/4 shatin woke up then went to eat noodles with lp, then to shatin, bought some bells and monkichi box, later shirley joined, n we went to hksm, then later walked to lung wah hotel, dinner with uunclse n auntie too, n later walked a while in shatin, lp bought stuffs in bonjour 2/4 tst today went to met lp, then to city's super, bought the plants and stuffs and we decorated it for gift, then lp put it down in office, n we went to city's super again bought some crystals, then went to eat kebab, yummy again, lp's smile so cute haha then walk around, bought a tee, haha 1015 in uniqlo, then walked around~lp bought a top at last 4/4 dinner with family , seafood^^ 5/4 met lp , shum shui po, dinner with her n her relatives, then walked around, ate super yummy greentea ice-cream and cheap, good, lp bought yummy cookies, bought rilakkuma dolls, then to my home 6/4, went out, bought ps2 games in 188, mushou orochi ho play, then also sticked new phone skin, then dinner in the tea rest next to 188, quite good ar, also bought monkey glass stickers, walked around clothes shop, me n lp also bought clothes, hehe 7/4 macau day 1, a shocking day . 8/4, macau day 2, ok la at last, then back home, 9/4, went to taikoo with lp, but afternoon played a while ps2, um, uny is refurbishment ah, then bought some bells in dai fat hong, also some monkichi star paper, then i bought a chain of amethyst, love it, lp bought black biksai, then i bought some decorations stuffs, monkichi tape, minna no tabo rubber stick , then played namco, ho ging ah ahah, i won weight marbles la, n lp won many prizes in rainbow, got a star glass bottle for hasingsing hehe, n at last ate dinner in jusco, too much haha, then bought stuffs in jusco supermarket, back home with lp play game, 10/4, also play game la, at night watch man u, wow, 7-1 from roma 11/4, mk, today went out find lp, then went to mk, collect monkichi bags from bid, lp dun drink vinegar la, then walked around, to sino, bought sanrio puroland's monkichi pen and stickers, super pretty, then bought 2 clothes in chic g bo, then dinner in sweetheart garden rest, then to new shopping centre, lp bought clothes, then to sun g shing, n to mongcentre, lp bought nail stuffs, then to luen hop, bought dou 97 monkichi stickers hehe, nail stick type, then later walked around garden st., bought gatsby facial paper, then to new century , sit a while with lp, then left lu~
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march07 / 2007年03月31日(土)
25/3 hehaday after lunch went to pknshop with lp, then up, slept, went out with lp, lp bought stuffs in bonjour~ then lp bought shoes~~ nice~ then i bought bed head hair mask and hair mud, then to jap shing, bought monkey jai 95 stickers, then to 188, bought a polo, the shop name is funny ~"dun mix boys" , then i bought pioneer headphone then dinner at fai kee, n then tried the new car, then walked to $ 10 shop, lp bought stuffs then walked around clothes shop, then lp bought stuffs in mannings~ 26/3 tst today went to wait lp, then went to city's super, bought shiseido uno hair color, then to crabtree bought some stuffs then to dfs, thx lp for Red Delicious fragrance, then went to eat min jong, hoho eat hehe, then walk to sogo, ate and drank Godiva, then bought ujinotsu maccha, then walked that shopping arcade nex to chung hing? then to granville road, walked around, then went to bak lei, then me and lp leg pain, rest a while, home 27/3 whompoa today wait lp a while, troubled by those promotor, i have to learn how to reject, then at last lp came down and we went to whompoa, ate dinner 1st, then went to jumping gym, changed a monkey card holder ~ then walked around, to jusco, bought some threads for bracelet, then lp renewed jusco card, bought some medicine n $2.7 water then bought some stuffs in $10 shop, then went to outlet, bought a nice shirt hehe lp not feeling well. the rest a while in station. 28/3 home went to supermarket at night 29/3 shatin went to bought a new optical mouse, then met lp n then walked to station, thx lp for the maccha cookie and bracelet 1, hehe then , to shatin , went to lucky lp bought earings, and some nail germs, then went to eat maple, oh now became thai rice ...then walked around, lp bought in anna sui, then i bought a plastic monkichi bag hehe, then went to lp home a while, took the ching jai stuffs ^^ 30/3 kln bay bought another optical mouse, samsung pleomax, nice, then met lp, went to eat stick, then at last took mtr to kln bay, went to arcade, lp very cute hehe, then played jumping gym, today is really won, got bonus in train, won many yellow prices in rainbow, and lp caught the mushroom! hee, then went to dai , lp bought nail stuffs and i bought some bells, lovely, then i bought an addidas football, dinner in yeah lam court. ~..
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in the middle of dec / 2006年12月20日(水)
12/10 back, bought face lifting cream , hot pot with lp and relatives in him kee 12/15kln bay, today traffic not move, took mtr, super crowded, then met lp in kln bay, yeah have the aquarius bottle, ate bread, walk around, at last went to tao tai, we bought jor the mushroom light ah , red and blue, hehe so cute, then played in jumping gym, and bought a pair of vans boot, then dinner in yeah lam kwok, night rain ah 12/16 cut hair, party... went to cut hair then later went to party..boring , mouth so dry today 12/17 5 years ^_^peak+buffet today met lp then went to the peak with lp, then we ate burger king hehe and then played a while ea games, n then walked around la, quite cold, and bought water, and bought some stuffs, and then we went to north point harbour view? hotel have buffet and met ah v, so happy, ah v is so nice, we got a big plate of sashimi, and the foods are quite yummy, then took bus and went to shatin, walked around, at last i bought red wing boot, happy, and to lp home sleep, but we also sick la., not enough tissues haha 12/18 woke up then went down to drink tea with uncle and auntie, then walked a while with auntie and lp, n later we bought some lo mei for dinner, n walked around, then went up and watch death note with lp,very good watch, and later i left, so sick today 12/19 mk today fone off again,. didn't wake up and lp find me la...n we went to mk, accompany lp walk mk centre, lp bought a nice boot, then also bought some nail stuffs and we went to goldvarvest watch death note: the last name , lp can eat popcorn ~ super good watch la, i like L, haha, then we went to have dinner in silver dragon then walked a while bonjour and left
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december story / 2006年12月15日(金)
12/12 wh,tst today went to tst met lp>tea>whompoa>toys, kamiu, sword,rillakuma, >lp bought jeans> find love and kisses> mo> then tst sogo> have, hehe , new pair of lovers rings, Love & Kisses xoxo Unisex Couple/Friendship Ring 20015 .lovely > drinks> to harbour city> very nice lightings + decorations > lcx>dinner at min jong> ok good> granville rd>stickers> lp bought clothes> 12/13 shatin lp home> tea with uncle auntie>shatin>lp see boots>seiyu>drawn son mum doll> get again!> seiyu, bought chut chin yat ding+ free box^^ nice cashier> parknshop> lp home>yummy lo mei foods> auntie home dinner+tv+cards>lphome 12/14 home today slept a bit late, a bit cold, then unpack things ah.. fix ha computer and found utorrent >then night went down supermarket but too late la a bit 12/15 tst tst tst today slept late jor then met lp in train station>walked around> wait lp interview> stand for 1 hour sth, then went to sing k k, a bit better hehe> then walked to agnes b., see wallet> then dfs galleria, tried longtime for perfumes, at last bought ralph haha>> then went to harbour city and back cos shops closed> dinner eat kebab, super yummy, the green sauce~> then waled granville road
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aug5 / 2006年08月31日(木)
8/23, went to met lp in tst, then went to her home drop sth nn with lp see dentist, then bought takeaway n to lp home. 8/24, home, park n shop. 8/26,lp came up then played a while, night went to dinner with lp relatives in watercarhouse, then so hing again~n went to lp home sleep 8/27,woke up then went to grandpa home dinner, park n shop 8/28,home,lp.. 8/29,mk,went to met lp then ate dumping n to mk, at last bought ear stud in woman street n bought an anti-wind lighter, nice, red flame, then went to langham place, lp bought many stuffs in extravaganza, nice, then i bought pens in muji, fuck that 4 or 5 little girls, haha, then we ate dinner in portland st ice rest. lp's dish good mine normal, n lp bought laneige in bonjour then to sin dat, then left lu 8/30,home, went do ex
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aug4 / 2006年08月31日(木)
8/15,home 8/16, whompoa, lp bought kor rilakkuma calender set then jusco, bought unders, bought a s hirt too, lp bought shoes, dinner at cheung wing 8/17,4.8 years ah, lp i love u ah, woke up then went to buy flowers n park n shop buy stuffs, candle light dnner with lp. 8/18, went down met lp then went to 188, mo open, then cook dinner together 8/19, woke up then met lp n ah ti, then me and lp went to wait auntie uncle n shirley to drink tea, then we went to mk, uncle went to fix machine, then we bought auntie westwood neckstripe, n we went to ate lok yuen balls, then walked around, fdjhsdhfdskjhjf, then went to tst harbour, have show, then sit a while n went to join them and dinner in brazil bbq celebrate auntie's b-day, then lp bought clothes and we went home 8/20,woke up then lp went out dinner with relatives, night went down met p then bought takeaway n back home with lp 8/21, went to met lp then went to bonjour and market bought foods, cook dinner at home, 8/22, family came back, n i went down buy lemon and salad, eat a big pack of salmon, yummy, then later went to met lp then went to met haven? then we went to 188, he bought nds n i bought ps 2, then bought some games, n h left me n lp walked emperor, then join family and dinner at fai kee, then went to parknshop with lp n went home play ps2, lp slept here.
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aug3 / 2006年08月16日(水)
12/8, today lp went up then we ate cafe de coral, later we went out, bought suspenders,to tai koo, walked log-on, so many road blocked, shit, then went to toyserus, then lp want to buy psp, then walked around, bought hair spray n ff7 towel, then went to 188, at last bought psp la lp, happy la, then went to park n shop buy food n cook dinner, lp touch psp, i cook dinner and we watch tv,n i watched cyber formula sin , happy day ah ^^ 13/8, today woke up and we cook sausage n egg noodles, then later went out to 188, closed, n walked around n lp bought memory card detector, n went to market, bught some foods tonight cook, n to park n shop too., nice club sandwich, at night lp sleep here again, so sweet 14/8, today went to met lp, then we went to shatin, lp not feeling well, bought deodorant,lp bought deodorant in m&S, then bought stuffs in fancl, dinner in maple, nice curry n pizza, then i bought cyber formula china version..better than nothing la, asurada gsx, asurada gsx-R and prot-jaguar-z-6, nice, went to lp home a while 15/8, at home, received my room's little refriderator la, then went to 7-11 buy food
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aug2 / 2006年08月16日(水)
6/8, uncle birthday today , went out to drink tea with them, then we walked around, uncle bought clothes, i bought a belt, then walked around with lp n shirley, n bought cake to yoyo home, cake is good, then helped yoyo blow hair, then later went out have hot pot 7/8, today went to met lp then ate cheung fun and dim sums, obught rice in wellcome, then walked around, lp bought mushroom stickers, then we bought rice box, n to lp home 8/8, went to do ex, then went to buy figure boxes, then bought freeze bag n to park n shop buy light bulb n medicine, n air con filter 9/8, family went to canada, home alone, freedom, then went to met lp, n we went to kln bay, bought fench fries, then to hsbc, then walked around, lp bought eye shadow, then to to tai, saw clothes, at last ate dinner in a japanese rest. then lp bought clothes, went back to takfook, lp bought clothes in suzuya, then i bought air force low, then lp bought bag in pit, then lp bought thing to hoho, so many hehe.bought cheung fun b4 back home 10/8, went to do ex, then met lp n to lokfu, ate inkfish ball n sausage yummy, then played namco, have yellow chicken and rilakkuma n tamagochi, bought bath salt, then saw refrigertor, i bought minna no tabo hanging bag, then lp bought stuffs in shiseido then ate dinner in chalon, quite good, then lp bought clothes n shoe pad~bought congee n cheunf fun at night ~ 11/8, today wet to cut hair,death note? then bought cheung fun and to lucky buy rice, hoho eat, went to do ex and supermarket
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aug1 / 2006年08月16日(水)
30/7, woke up n lp bought car jai noodles back, then we walked film, n went down together, she went to cut hair n i went to grandpa home dinner. 31/7, went to lung shing with lp, saw 3 chickens, why hk girls so naive ? then mo and went to log-on, at last lp bought blythe hair color, n i bought shiseido ma cherie hair color, hehe, went to lp home ate dinner, siu mei 1/8,stay at home, revise for thoery test~ watch shinchan too 2/8, heavy rain and wind, went to ssp for driving thoery test, then 1 g gung, went to ate tea and bookshop, then met lp, and got the result, passed, n we went to shatin, lp bought silver bracelt n i bought sony earphone, n lp bought crystal, dinner in maple, lovely risotto, then to lp home. 3/8, at home, must be typhoon signal 8 la, went do ex, then night went to supermarket 4/8, went to met lp, then went to whompoa, hill gun and siu mai, bought dbz link ring in wonderland, then went to arcade, played that fighting again, won it, then walked jusco, lp bought cheese!, so heavy, then walked around, n dinner in cheung wing, so delicious, then lp bought a high heels~ 5/8, lp went up find me, then later we went out, n ate lunch in food king, very big portion , n ok good eat la, then went to 188, bought dou gokou la hehe, then lp foot pain, n went to bought foot pad, then misuxxx final sale, then sogo, sat a while, then lp bought 2clothes in olive de olive, n necklace in mac look, then went to day dai, lp bought bracelet, then took taxi to hkc&ec, joey+little pig concert, joey quite boring, little pig good, then went to lp home, bought dinner~
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july aaaa / 2006年08月16日(水)
22/7, today went to met lp, then ate cheung fun again, n took mtr to tsuen wan, so hot today, walked nam fung, bought captain tsubasa comic, then draw jor egg, yellow chicken ah ^^n rilakkuma too ~ then took jor photo sticker, too white~ but nice, then went to arcade, then bought dou shoe laces la, then went to find sth eat , at last ate noodles in ice rest, very nice, n went to jusco, lp bought me 1 towel , look good, then we bought minna no tabo bandage, $10 shop, bought another towel, then bought a mushroom earing n a hair clip to lp, nice, n walked chuen fung~ find ng dou fancl, at last know where it is but leave lu, then went to rent vcd, 2films, night bought dim sum, longtime no eat 23/7, woke up n lp bought luk yuen, 1st time, quite good la, then later went out with lp n i go to grandpa home dinner~ 24/7, today went to ex then went to shatin with lp, lp bought 2 very nice! clothes, slim- cut ^^, then went to eat gindaxxx, then i give others sew the crystal bracelet, then went to fancl, we also bought stuffs, then went to dinner in maple, very good, then walked seiyu, have bgw sale, bought 3 clothes 1 shorts~ then went to lp home a while 25/7, today went to do ex, dinner n stay at home, went to supermarket at night 26/7, today went to met lp,, then went to sing k, still not feeling well, n at last better, then walked granville road, me n lp aso bought jor some clothes~oh, then left lu 27/7,@home 28/7,@home 29/7, today went to met lp then she ate sausage, heavy rain, we ate noodles, then took minibus to taikoo, walked log-on , n draw man y dragon ball z eggs today only lack gokou...sigh, n walked agnes b., uny, then to jusco, lp bought a very nice n also expensive umbrella, n i bought shirt in bgw, bought sushi at jusco supermarket, then went to lp home, night went down , but net cafeno space , so tobee bought us dim sum n we rent vcd, then watch .
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