Requirements and Applications of large area coating

August 03 [Fri], 2018, 16:50
Large-area coating has high requirements for the mechanical, physical, and chemical uniformity of materials. For example, when coating metal sheets and solar cells, the standard is high and the treatment of the layers is uniform. It is desirable to apply a thin film on a substrate by, for instance, physical vapor deposition (PVD). The substrate material can be glass, metal, paper or plastic. The coating can be metallized, dielectricized, or a combination of both, as desired, such as by continuously plating a layer of active photocatalytic titanium dioxide over a large area of the metal. In the case of solar energy, that is, solar energy is directly used for heating and cooling, a coating containing an absorbing substance can be continuously plated on copper and aluminum strips of so-called "air to air equipment". The effect of this coating is to have lower heat emissions and high solar absorption. At the same time, the coating can improve the ability to adapt to external influences.

Large area coating is widely used in architectural glass and it is environmentally friendly. With the development of modern glass technology, the thermal management of buildings has been significantly improved. Sunlight control membranes reduce sunlight that is transmitted into the interior of the building. To achieve this goal, titanium, stainless steel or chrome is plated onto the glass to enhance the reflection and absorption of the glazing. In contrast, the insulation coating (LowE) is characterized by low heat radiation and a thin silver coating. Thereby increasing the penetration of solar energy and natural light, but at the same time completely avoiding the loss of heat through the glass. The main way of coating in this application area is sputtering.

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