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August 13 [Tue], 2013, 13:36
"Chinese football today, cheap nfl jerseys tomorrow is the Chinese basketball......"

Such predictions some horrible, three or four years ago appeared. Some alarmists, pro basketball audience unmoved, even think this is football practitioners jealous ear hot jealousy. In fact, this kind of judgment, from the Chinese basketball industry, cause to worry, only from the Chinese basketball industry structure and China Football many similarities, but because false bet black threat, also exists in the Chinese basketball industry.

According to local media, the CBA season, discount jerseys
if you go to Dongguan and several other games, hear "what bets today on the stand?" , "make a bit?" Such words, is not fresh. The official lottery, no Chinese occupation League content, however, around CBA of various handicap betting, with CBA temperature is rising. From the perspective of sports industry, present gaming market potential, for the future development of industrialization in this league, is an excellent opportunity for the appreciation. However, the official lottery category, the super and CBA are reluctant to involve, cheap nba jerseys would rather people interest and occupation sports league.

However the underground gambling mechanism, market smell, sensitivity, and the service, they are far above the official lottery, a league popularity rise, naturally there is betting betting appeal. When a "handicap" "let" words, spread in the stands, influence of joint out, not only is the income potential of CBA and more than the loss, more likely to have malignant effect, spread from the stands to the stadium. Driven by interests, cheap nba jerseys not tough fortress.

He was summarized as the referee foreign aid phenomenon, strange phenomenon, gradually in some of the events occur. "The game total amount of bets more than thirty million yuan", this is not the same explosive news. "Get a football game, control the 4 person on the line; get a basketball game, also do not need 4 people." Similar words, has spread to the medium range, so when some trend is not a normal race appears, the authenticity of the senior fans will begin to doubt the game, is the Chinese basketball, copying the Chinese soccer sad?

At least from the system and the environment supervisor, Chinese basketball is Chinese football did not have much superiority. The Football Association's leadership, cheap nhl jerseys will remember the earliest in the reform, the central authorities are highly market-oriented reforms, "we are leading". Leading is leading cost, false bet black challenge market reform to encounter, let the Chinese soccer had covered all over with cuts and bruises. Similar lessons be visible before the eyes, a group of football practitioners are waiting for a lifetime ban and prison sentence, but the past, whether to give full play to the warning effect?

Underground betting group to control the game to reap huge profits, CBA referee and foreign aid, is the most obvious target. "Get a referee, fifty thousand yuan", which seems to be clearly marked, and a statement that the prices in the recent skyrocketing, because the amount of bets rise, benefits become more. Only problem is not exposed, the crisis does not occur, in the framework of Chinese sports, do not exist to prevent trouble before it happens. Everything in the wait for evidence came, but did not actively improve the system, to find the evidence, make up.

Through foreign aid in control of the game, more difficult than imagined but also low. To have a look CBA statistical charts, is entirely foreign aid world. Most of the CBA team's main configuration, almost all the offense to highly paid foreign aid, tasks and responsibilities are delegated Neiyuan since, as long as do his own job, will get the salary. But a foreign aid to 30 and 28 respectively, the difference was probably millions betting money flows.

Only those in the stands of talk behind sb.'s back, not into the authorities Hogen, "evidence?" There is no evidence, everything is all framed, cheap soccer jerseys cook up charges. The super long for the false black gambling harm, also found no evidence, finally had to ask the judicial intervention, only to find it in a disastrous state. In addition to athletic performance, Chinese basketball than football in China advanced, supervision and protection system, the same is not perfect, and now that prevent trouble before it happens, but already late, to laissez faire, prospects.