-spasm- thank you anu! 

2007年05月23日(水) 22時34分
Mail notice from Anu!!

Introducing Kagema:

Another gorgeous creation. Ahhh, I'm in love.

Good luck to whoever wishes to win this one, har har.

le, la, l'est; let's shut up 

2007年04月12日(木) 13時42分
Listening to: trico - corner

Re-learning the basics of Catalan and French. All for the sake of my summer preparations.

Yaaawn - I prefer Catalan. I think it's sexy.er.

Zzz. . .le la. La la.

Jo t’estimo!

new layout, summer plans 

2007年04月10日(火) 15時54分
Listening to: hare-brained unity - ソライロ

Changed my layout scheme to another premade layout shit.

My previous one was becoming an eyesore.


Annoyed. And tired.

But it's that time of the year again.

Summer vacation planning!

I'm not all that prone to announcing my travelling plans because I feel like it's an invitation for unnecessary braggyness. I mean, who gives a shit where I'm at? Srsly. If something's worth mentioning, then I'll mention it.

Which brings me to say that I'll be spending most of this summer vacation in Europe. But - and it's a big but! - I'm extremely excited about going this year because. . .

. . . because. . .


ha, ha! haha. karin... 

2007年03月31日(土) 22時40分
Listening to: 池田綾子 - はなびら

Acquired taste.

oh ho, ho 

2007年03月22日(木) 4時38分
Actually, scratch that thought. . .

Still, a great week for gayness. Yesss.

back on my feet (part III) 

2007年03月13日(火) 15時44分
Listening to: Dragonette - Magic Fantastic

Next on stage was ザ 50回転ズ, which reminds me of a poor man's KINGBROTHERS, minus the sound. Funny guys.

And I met up with the bass player outside when a good number of the other bandmates were enjoying a smoke. He's so modest and bashful in person. Pure aww.

Yawn. Okay. Wow. Out.

back on my feet (part II) 

2007年03月13日(火) 15時21分
Listening to: Dragonette - Magic Fantastic

I think most of these photos will speak for themselves. Incredible performances coming from a tiny stage.

And god that stage was small.

Fucking amazing. Bass climbing bitch.

Continue next entry. I hate limits.

back on my feet 

2007年03月13日(火) 14時01分
Battling a migraine, but for reasons unknown to me, I just have to talk about the cra-aaa-zay live night I had over the weekend.

xoxo convinced me to go. I had fun until I called it quits before I got a chance to see GO!GO!7188 perform live. And I was most anxious to see them, mind you. All I have is "punk" soba and a bumper sticker in memory of their performance, but that's a tragedy best saved for a talk show.

First two bands were great, next two were meh.

How 浅草ジンタ (asakusa jinta) started everyone off:

With Mr. Manager of course, where he makes preparations for a sound and audience check.

Then a nod, to which he responded saying, "Yes? Yes - OK. Ten more minutes!"

Yeah, ten more minutes to spoon his eyes out. From what I heard from a close friend "waiting" in line, the hardcore japanophiles music fans were a braggy, immature, irritable drag, scaring away some of the assholy modest and elitist crew. Say what? The elites know fear?


Okay, back to business - I'll post some more of my shitty pics. Yeaaa.


2007年03月03日(土) 16時39分
Listening to: 高円寺百景 - GREMBO ZAVIA


me, and only me 

2007年02月14日(水) 14時12分
Listening to: CONDOR44 - ending

I know I've disabled comments ages ago to help privatize things here, but looking back on past journal entries, I believe that I've discussed too much of my personal life online.

I may be quirky, crazy, or whatever people may know of me; but above all I'm a private person. So I'm a little weirded out by some of the posts I've made. Some are even about subjects that not most would want to have the business of knowing...

So as to clean up, starting today I'm deleting all photos and posts that I feel are personal.

Whatever's been taken out will be replaced with the text, "photo deleted," or "entry deleted" as a way to substitute its existence.

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