a figure be on tenterhooks lingers

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAttic still black deep, only the moonlight into the window ,bring a fraction of natural light .
Misty ,a figure be on tenterhooks lingers at round tables ,anxious eyes from time to time sweep to the door .Seeing time becomes longer and longer ,and the survivors had not come back ,I don Shui fraught, eventually wandering article after a few laps ,Shui consonance stomp your feet ,saying : Hanson out for so long has not come back ,this is not what happened ? But did not seem to hear what it came to nothing ? Shui consonance frowned ,hesitated a moment later, the Silver Fangs bite ,decided : no, I have to go out to have a look .
If the man is really what happened, with my identity can help him solve one or two . Think of here ,I Shui your body move, he went to the door .Who knows just racing front door ,perhaps because the impatient under some negligence ,was not aware of a figure is being drilled in .
So, she happens to people and bumped . Ah ! Shui each exclamation ,the yogi instinct makes her the first time unconsciously to make defensive posture .However ,before she could make a move, feel the crisp waist tight ,was a strong arms firmly held ,was a familiar voice in her ear : don ,is my .
Shui consonance to hear the familiar voice ,suddenly dark breathed a sigh of relief ,raised his eyes ,looked carefully to people ,but is not left has not to let her feel alarmed of the Qin and Han students .
See Qin and Han students all right in front of their own, Shui consonance thoroughly laid down the heart .But then not knowing it is for the husband for his enemies worried and ashamed ,or because of the complex heart contradiction two loss, an angry feelings emotions arise spontaneously but can .
Face a cold ,we see Shui consonance cold track: Qin and Han students ,I think you should forget your own identity is now what ?But you kill the snake a matriarch killer, let alone out to show ,even hide in here ,are not necessarily is 100 percent safe .
You even dare to so recklessly precipitated to go out, you do not care about life ,I also feel not worth it for the .To guard you such a butcher enemies hiding, I felt uneasy heart ,if this effort will give you hurt ,then I can everywhere .
Qin Hansheng slightly started ,it was just the sneaky person and performance was shocked and confused state of mind ,the moment was disrupted .Chest chaotic ups and downs ,feeling the arms that strange yet familiar hot your body ,listen to each other seems to blame but discourse of concern ,he had some exciting opening: well ,you are concerned about me, is also worried about me ,right ? Yes, I am.
I just want to Shui each other ,however ,just spit out a word ,I suddenly felt a ,the remaining words are said not to come out .Silence ,as scheduled .But retained in the spanning time decades barren passing between men and women, in addition to silence, there is a late r, a little sadly bud germination .
At this moment ,age or face aging ,seems to have not become their shackles ,in silently hugging each other between temperature ,feel ,feel the body is in direct contact with the place ,the heart throb .
In the atmosphere ,suddenly became pink ,charming but a little aphrodisiac taste ,let people in the imperceptibly ,shoot the innermost desires ,then no hide show . Cleverness . Qin Hansheng murmured a hoarse voice ,with strange tenderness .
Although Qin Hansheng and emotional aspects UGG Gloves For Cheap,like a piece of wood, and even together in his hand breed grow sturdily under Qin spines also had the same tendency .But this does not mean that he is really a piece of wood, was completely indifferent .
Moreover ,between a man and a woman is emotional ,touching the soul the most primitive emotion ,even if is an idiot ,in the face of a red fruit woman, will be instantly show a man treasures ,this is the most primitive emotion between men and women in a performance .
Of course ,this place in Qin Hansheng this normal people, performance is more pure and burning .In recent days ,he and Shui between cleverness ,although always like a veil of the barrier ,but through this veil ,the student is not difficult to see from Shui Lingxi of concern and care .
The two of them between itself is a childhood sweetheart ,but before it could point out that relationship partner .Then a strange combination of circumstances ,lead to the coexistence of love between men and women ,a blink of an eye ,is separated by half a century .
He meets a young woman ,still retains the charm charming ,but the other face aging white gray ;one was married ,children children ;another became each other butcher enemy .Get good luck, but also nothing better than this .
But things exhibition ,but not as grandma Qiong Yao in general ,men and women are intertwined in the complex emotion ,striking one snag after another ,the plum blossom .Qin Hansheng and Shui consonance between emotion and relationship although complex to only can can only be sensed ,but between them seems to abide by a heart of all things the most precious, what is this stuff Shui consonance ,say not clear ,Qin Hansheng in the men and women feeling slightly blunt person, more not clear .
But obviously is, they did not really become the enemy ,also not to make too many complicated things ugg boots cheap.A bear the shame ,silently for ever lover now mariticide enemy hideouts, another is safely hidden, between each other, not too many exchanges ,but did not show any resentment .
The flat surface ,but hidden two intentionally suppressed some of the burning .And now ,because Qin Hansheng the wood ,lead exposed this surface light veil ,dull feelings finally had a breakthrough.
Between the two ,the repressed hot suddenly as Taizu wrote to Lin Biao in his letter to the sparks of fire ,flash fire . Hanson ! I also like Shui is possessed ,don was this atmosphere rendering ,but Qin Hansheng was a rare tender moved, this scene ,let things get to me can her ,as Qin Hansheng whisper ,gently and with .
Originally, frost Xiaolian ,also inadvertently into strands of tenderness .This climate doesn how long it lasted .Maybe just a moment .Maybe it is eternal .When immersed in this atmosphere and slowly being guided his repressed desires ;when Qin Hansheng finally bid farewell to the wood thinking ,breakthrough to lower the head ,kissed the beautiful dripping lips ;when Shui consonance emotional makes ,when your body is weak .
All ,seems suddenly ,but also behoove of birth .The bed curtain shake ,rapid frequency sweeping parole with a pair of the most primitive emotion between men and women .As the saying goes ,a momentary pleasure of lovers is worth a thousand pieces of gold ,if according to this calculation, the couple even saved had had two gold ,just slow down down .
But this time ,the East has spat out the grey . Hanson ! En ! I am a shameless woman ? No, not at all. The bed curtain over the bed ,two shadows together ,men crane Tong Yan, a face to meet the woman face lit ;charming ,scattered .
The light from the appearance, the man and the woman ,do some May-December taste ,called father too much .But in the practice ,the appearance of age is never constant real age, often some look but thirty or forty years old man, the young it already is a ripe old age .
I think I am ,do not know why ,I am full of shame .Last night, we really should not ... ... I now in the heart very chaotic . Shui consonance on Qin Hansheng ,bring in addition to reach the peak of perfection leak after joy and hard to understand to meet ,there are thick .
Anyway ,Shui consonance and cypress Shuihan are between husband and wife ,even if there is no spouse ,but the couple name still exists .Moreover ,even if I never loved Shui Bai Shuihan ,my mind is always the Qin and Han students .
But as the saying goes ,a couple hundred days of favour ,she was born in children ,the feelings ,although not love ,but is mixed with many kinship taste ,for a time, how can let go .
Now ,her husband recently lost also dissatisfied with the hundred days ,and she has another man and gave birth to the most intimate ,most primitive relations ,and the man said ,or kill her husband who ,this lets her in on the spur of the moment ,stay in the heart is ashamed to be very upset .
Qin Hansheng brow slightly wrinkled ,last night happiness, in addition to let him feel the belated emotional burst out the strongest sublimation .Also allows him to finally recognize the heart has been linked to Shui to escape the feelings of .
At last he understood ,he Shui consonance feelings never change ,even after so many years, people have changed, but in his eyes ,Shui consonance was still had that as a small tail ,with the girl behind him ,is that he has not wake up their feelings between dim woman .
Of course ,Qin Hansheng also had another woman Lin Huizhen ,the woman of the Qin and Han students, occupy than from the childhood sweetheart component does not Shui consonance light how many .
The keep on carving waiting and waiting ,spanning half a century again ,let Qin Hansheng know ,Lin Huizhen in the heart of the component is so heavy .But Qin Hansheng is not attached to the two women problems ,he is a spiritual man ,and practice field for men and women is not so monotonous harsh world ,not only pay attention to male and female case ,and for a man with a woman to be his wife ,or a woman has a husband and a few men ,there is no limit .
Because in the practice sector ,this is the most primitive strong adhering to the concept of respect for ,and a strong, choose how much attached to its or two of woman ,that is completely behoove things .
As secular feudal emperor ,as the most robust in the presence of his emperor ,seventy-two princess is the best explanation . Cleverness ! Qin Hansheng looked on shoulder somewhat effeminate woman ,softly : don ,nothing should ,as do, then let him go .
What you know ,why must force themselves to pain ?Besides ,you is my woman ,I don have anything, do anything, but from last night ,you would have to become my woman ,so ,from now on ,you can only think of me .
Finally ,the student cover all at one glance .But ,sometimes ,man is a woman placebo .If the exchange to be a felling of people ,like Grandma Qiong Yao pen like that ,soft and matted to appease enlighten ,I Shui consonance will be more ashamed ,more difficult to untie the knot .
Now ,Qin Hansheng made this high-handed language, but is let out Shui consonance ,like finding a reason to like, put all the blame on the Qin and Han students bully ,it was called her out of the knot, but some dissatisfaction sing: what is your the woman ,can only think of you ?What are you thinking of ?Thinking about that one ? Qin Hansheng knew Shui consonance refers to the who ,he exclaimed : well ,Hui Zhen is a good woman .
She to me to pay too much too much, wait for me for more than half a century ,but my feeling for her is to leave the .Later ,you come with me to see her ,I hope you get along . Subsequently, Qin Hansheng Lin Huizhen roughly speaking again .
Shui consonance after hearing it, fell silent ,very long after, a rueful smile: Hanson ,I will go with you .Hui Zhen is really a good woman ,that he did for you so much ,you should put one to her .
After all the idea of earthly and I waited for the discipline of the people is not the same, I think ,I can my existence .And I can and you know ,you know ,I have a son .My identity is already doomed ,cannot change .
Like to meet Shui consonance discourse generally ,in her voice just fell when the attic window ,suddenly came a call sound : I look at you . The bed curtain ,suddenly a panic .Of course ,the panic just Shui consonance ,Qin Hansheng remained calm .
Fast ,Hanson ,you hide yourself quickly ,to the hills .If he see you I am ,it . Shui consonance hastily pulled bedding wants to cover up Qin Hansheng .The student really Xuan eyebrow : and why not ,let him see ,just can make our relationship clear down, also saves you .
Shui consonance anxious : Hanson ,quickly say ,too late ,I beg of you or not ?Don what your identity ,what is my identity ,if be Hill saw ,I you can anymore, I will feel ,don want to see me being spurned by the people ? Qin Hansheng thought movement ,and with a sigh ,then in the Shui linked below ,in the bedding North Face Mens Bionic.
Just at that moment ,cypress hill came in ,Shui consonance dark breathed a sigh of relief ,manage mood ,said : the hill ,how early in the morning will come my here ? Cypress hill looks, although there is no change in temperament ,but was changed a lot .
Used to look like a little child ,but since the park Shuihan died, he lost his father in the blow ,Xun mature .Now look ,temperamental and composed a lot ,also sprout somewhat masculine flavor .
Mom ,I miss you . A mouth ,will immediately cypress hill that mature temperament destroyed .However this is also only in the face of Shui consonance ,before he can showing such mood .
You silly child . Shui consonance laughed gently, some love across the bed curtain at cypress hill ,but because under my quilt also hides a person ,will inevitably feel a little nervous .
Mother ,don get up ? Cypress hill to see Shui consonance was propped up in bed ,not a bit strange .Shui consonance is startled, and cover up: Oh ,mother some uncomfortable North Face Mens Hoodie Outlet,so I want to rely on a bed .
Cypress hill suddenly tense up ,said : Mom ,where are you uncomfortable ,the child went to the elders of diagnosis and treatment for you . Shui consonance hurriedly waving said: no, hill ,mother wants to be alone ,you go back to practice ,strive for an early breakthrough well ? Cypress hill cunning little head ,told the Shui consonance few take care body words ,then went away .
Come out . Shui hint faint a sigh .Qin Hansheng from the bedding out ,perhaps this lifetime have such experience ,let Qin Hansheng looks ,somewhat strange . Hanson ,as you can see ,the hill is my own flesh and blood ,I could not he disregarded .
So ... ... You should know what I mean . I said Shui melancholy .Qin Hansheng shook his head : children are children ,you are you ,the child may one day need to fly nine days alone to face my life ,you can with her .
Shui said : what you think, oh ,well, I don know what to say .Let not talk about it ,okay ? Qin Hansheng nodded . last night ,you say is not what people in my house eavesdropping ?Then you go out for a long time ,is it right? Is that man ? Shui consonance suddenly asked ,but is clearly interested in the topic .
But it reminds the students ,his frown even said : I almost forgot this thing .Yesterday I do now that hidden in the attic of the man ,but I did not disturb him ,but secretly follow the road ,then I found some very strange things and some to think secret .
Shui consonance is immediately provoked interest ,can the asked : what a strange thing? What unexpected secret ?Sell what matter ,please tell me ! Qin Hansheng was no procrastination ,immediately : I submerged body out, indeed is the man .
The man sneaking lurking in the shadows of your attic ,but the target is not you and me, but that she lacks . She missing ? Shui consonance frowned ,she lacks acting chief duty thing ,and she nodded .
But this ambition indeed some are expected Shui consonance .At least in the park Shuihan ,she lacks performance is just a big elders seem to remain in one ,stand aloof from worldly success UGG Button Fancy For Cheap.
But Parker Shuihan died, she lacks immediately active, its performance is completely different with before two .But she lacks Zhishizhizhong to his former madam show very respectful ,its reason ,probably in order to obtain Shui consonance support ,actually sit on the chief seat .
And Shui consonance although know this, but she lacks and deficiency to winding ,after all, she was unable to stop the clan of these changes ,only let it be ,be worldly-wise and play safe .
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