December 05 [Sat], 2009, 7:36
VA A LLOVER! hice algo D: fui a voley ~ y luego me reuní dos minutos en el club, para ir a tomar un helado a Yomo xD eso se llama 'ir al club' Aparte de segui viendo el concierto de las Berryz Koubou empecé a ver lives de Perfume! esas chicas Jpop-electro son de lo más cuteee Dieron los grupos para el Mundial Sudafrica 2010 Argentina cabeza de la serie B con Nigeria, Corea del Sur y Grecia Corea del Sur Alentaré por Argentina of couse pero será escuchando Kpop xD como dijimos con una chica del foro lolita, escuchando SHINee ! Aunq prefiero SJ bueno, a lo mejor vayamos a ver 2012 OkEY, me aburrí. XOXO

Son cutes mis Girls Generation (SNSD) ^^ loveo la ropa de SPAO, vengan aca!
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    ・Ocio ~-Friends
    ・Kpop-Super Junior
Hello everyone! My name is Maria Sol but can say me Sol I'm from Argentina in Latinamerica, you know where is Argentina? I got my yaplog, i'm so happy~ I'm a law student I'm a happy girl but my mood changes quickly! so be careful! I'm a friendly girl and I like making friends ~ but i think the language is really hard. but even using a translator is cute to say that I have friends in another country i really like the asian music. I like the pop music but my style is not defined, depends on my mood. I like the K-pop/J-pop/C-pop and some rock, R & B and hip hop to live! I couldn't decide for one. Also I like the dorama, anime and manga! My favorite colors are pink. yellow and whitebut i love blue. My english is bad, i really want write in spanish. Good luck and see you
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