Google warns users stands for hackers

June 11 [Mon], 2012, 18:50
Google will warn users if it thinks hackers or cyber spies linked to a state account or the Google PC attacks. That should protect users in rogue states.

Google rolls a remarkable feature of security: not only warns users if their accounts or computers targeted by hackers (it does already), it says explicitly like this in behalf of a public place.

Google wants to give maximum clarity about the origin of phishing and hacking attempts. How Google knows that behind an attack by hackers State lie, explains the group is not, but it is "based on its analysis and reports from victims," ??writes Googler Eric Grosse.

The warning does not mean that the account has been hacked, but that Google attempts detected. The company recommends users update their account closed carpentry including two-factor authentication.

It is known that many governments, especially in the Middle East and Asia, surreptitiously trying to hack citizens difficult. This can in many ways, including with false SSL certificates, so that accounts can be hijacked.

Iranians hacked through Diginotar
The best known example is the Diginotar-hacker, with a valid certificate the Gmail accounts of thousands of Iranians managed to hijack . This information played by the authorities.

In December 2010, Google struck by a massive Chinese hack attack on its servers . Accounts of dissidents were the target.

Google recently released a new feature to circumvent Chinese Internet censorship . When Chinese users search terms used by the Great Chinese Firewall filtering, Google says this and suggests alternative, non-censored search terms.

Possible new iPhone back shown on video

June 11 [Mon], 2012, 18:49
Parts Supplier ETradeSupply claims the back of the new iPhone may have received. The back is longer than that of the iPhone 4S, suggesting that the new iPhone will get a larger screen than its predecessor.

The rumor goes that some time the new iPhone has a bigger screen and the back that ETradeSupply in a YouTube video shows, seems to confirm this. Perhaps it is a 4 "screen. It is Accessories for ipad products unknown how the company, acting in parts, the back in the hands would have gotten.

Another difference is that all inputs for the connectors to the bottom of the device would be moved, and that Apple's proprietary USB connector is smaller than that of the previous models. Also, the back and reshaped the space for the smaller SIM card, the latter could mean that Apple is the new nano-SIM standard has been integrated. The back of the video corresponds to a picture of the back that 9to5Mac recently published .

In the illustrated back should be noted that the chances are that it is a prototype. Some prototypes are never released, allowing the design of the new iPhone still can change.

It is possible that the iPhone next week at Apple's WWDC developers conference is announced, until last year was that when new iPhones saw the light. It would also be that the iPhone 5, as the unit may get very hot, until later this year is announced, like the iPhone 4S last year.

Toyota Prius to power can give back to households

June 11 [Mon], 2012, 18:48
Toyota wants to hold a trial in Japan with its plug-in hybrid Prius can supply power to a household. This could be useful in case of power failure or the load on the grid during peak times to ease.

The ability to use a Prius to temporarily provide power to a household, is part of research that Toyota performs in the field of electric and hybrid cars, and smart grids. Aboard the Prius is a 100V inverter placed, not only the internal battery is charging, but also can provide power back. Moreover, the gasoline used to not only charge the battery,CCTV cameras but also to generate electricity for a household, according to a Toyota Prius hybrid with a full tank of petrol an d a full battery an average Japanese household four days of power.

Toyota wants the vehicle-to-home concept at the end of this year in a number of 'smart houses' test in the Aichi prefecture. It is intended that a connected Prius at night is charged via a 'smart' charging point, at a time when the Japanese still without power problems on the demand. At peak times during the day, the vehicles, however, returned to power a household, so writes the Japan Times.

The motor fuel, according to Toyota only in emergency cases, such as widespread power outages after an earthquake, to be enabled. Furthermore, let the Japanese automaker to know the end of this year, the new Prius models with two-way drive to want to release. The automaker announced last year to these models.

Samsung invests 1.5 billion euros in 20 - and 14nm chips

June 11 [Mon], 2012, 18:47
Samsung has announced 1.5 billion to invest in a chip factory. The facility will use 300mm wafers and chips must be produced at 20 and 14nm. The plant should be ready late 2013.

Samsung chooses a new factory to build, so it can meet the growing demand for processors for smartphones and tablets. Not only used many Samsung mobile processors for its own products, also sells large numbers of chips to Apple. The plant is capable of handling 300mm wafers, chips that are baked on a 20nm and later 14nm process. Samsung's factories still produce a 32nm and 20nm process would be a big step.

By comparison, Intel bakes all his chips on 22nm, while TSMC in 28nm chips can produce. Thus, the Snapdragon S4, the HTC S One, produced in 28nm. Generally a smaller process means lower energy consumption at the same performance. Samsung decided earlier in China, a new factory which will produce flash memory. The new chip factory is in ink and toner cartridges South Korea to stand. The construction will start this month and should be completed late 2013.

Samsung has a notebook in development that look identical to its 5-Series ultra book, but not an Intel-processor. The Series 5 ultra thin is in fact building up around a Trinity-apu from AMD.

The laptop at Computex AMD stand to be admired as an example of an ultralight with hardware from AMD. Apart from the processor used the laptop seems otherwise identical to the 5-Series ultra book from Samsung, the chassis is the same, the screen is the same and the side ports were very familiar to us.

The model that was shown contained an A6-4455M-apu at 2.1 GHz, 17W stoked, assisted by 8GB memory. AMD claims that although the CPU performance is lagging behind the ULV chips from Intel, the graphics are superior, and that would have a greater impact on the user experience. In addition, the notebook with AMD chip have to last longer than its Intel equivalent.

It is, AMD is not intended that all ultra-book manufacturers and their current designs use only the processor swap for an APU from AMD, that would be a choice of Samsung have been. AMD says that several manufacturers of this type of work-thin notebooks, but did not name names. By the end of the year there would be more than ten of these thin notebooks AMD in the market should be.

AMD makes no demands on manufacturers who are ultra-thin label to use, such as Intel APPLE iPAD2 HARD Back COVER does so at ultra-books. The thin notebooks with AMD hardware would have to compete mainly on price, the company expects the ultrathins 100 to 200 dollars cheaper than comparable state books.

Telenet Internet speeds increase by 24 June

June 11 [Mon], 2012, 18:46
Telenet has announced that the speeds of its internet subscriptions by June 24 will increase. In addition, due to a number of subscription and the data limits the fastest FiberNet XL package cheaper.

The Basic Internet subscription by Telenet get a significant speed increase : the download speed is 50 percent up from 20Mbps to 30Mbps. The upload speed is doubled to 2.5 Mbps. The monthly data limit does not disappear, but goes from 50GB to 100GB.

Subscribers who FiberNet Telenet decrease from 24 June to see their download speed increase from 50Mbps to 60Mbps, while the upload increased from 2.5 Mbps to 4Mbps. It also becomes the data limit of 100GB, users can 'free download', but Telenet can limit the download speed up to 512Kbps if the user of excessive volume consumption 'has. How this value iPhone accessories is not known, but Telenet has announced that it is dynamically determined.

The most expensive package from Telenet, FiberNet XL is also faster. The download speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 120Mbps, but the upload remains the same at 5Mbps. Moreover, the XL package cheaper: instead of € 69.95 per month pays a subscriber now 64.95 euros. Shake the extra packages for digital TV and / or fixed telephony 5 euros cheaper.

Opera contributes to improvement for Spdy protocol

June 11 [Mon], 2012, 18:43
Opera developers have after performing tests with the Spdy protocol a number of improvements proposed. Thus, the compression diary from the draft would have to disappear wholesale electronics and flow control mechanism can be adjusted.

Google wants to Spdy standard uplift and its implementation submitted to the IETF. Currently, IETF members to submit comments on Spdy. Opera, after some internal testing protocol has carried out its findings now put online.

According to Opera developer Martin Nilsson Spdy is a major improvement over http 1.1, but there are several areas for improvement. The browser maker called, among other flow control mechanism Spdy, this should be replaced by a control data streams that can break. According tcp Opera can also already partially regulate the flow control. Opera has also criticized the diary compression used to compress Spdy headers. This would be relatively little space and, therefore, savings Spdy unnecessarily complex.

Opera helps even more improvement in his contribution to the debate Spdy, but is generally pleased with the speed gains can be achieved with Spdy. The browser maker has the protocol, however, unlike Chrome and Firefox, not yet included in Opera. Nevertheless, the popular social networking site Twitter now, in imitation of various Google services, Spdy-support.

A Taiwanese manufacturer of coolers that the somewhat paradoxical name Warm Tek, she is a concept at Computex cooler show that a complete departure from conventional designs: CPUs with a bundle of copper wire would be cooled.

Almost all the current processor coolers have a cooling plate in contact with the processor state and heat pipes of the heat-conveying direction of cooling ribs, after which a fan of the heat sink. Hot Tek is a radically new design on the market: the coolers from this manufacturer consist of large bundles flared copper or aluminum rods.

Both the copper and the aluminum version of the "C120 Blonde Hedgehog" 1024 contains metal rods, which are held together by a ring. The cooling plate with a CNC router edited for the best possible contact with the heatspreader of the CPU to worry. The cooler is manufactured without solder joints, all parts are press or crimp connections confirmed. The copper type including fan and mount weighs about 1200 grams. The aluminum version is 300 grams a lot lighter. According to the company, all processor platforms supported, the C120 would be a CPU with a TDP of 130W at maximum operating temperature can hold. The copper version should cost about $ 80, the aluminum version would be $ 50 over the counter.

The company showed a few other notable coolers, such as a small, aluminum-made iPad 2 case variant of the Hedgehog, who 'Baby Hedgehog "was baptized, and the Pangolin C1-6. This cooler consists of a range of copper fins, which are on a base plate made of aluminum have been confirmed.
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