Treat unstable natural soil slopes with Sinorock soil nails

August 18 [Fri], 2017, 15:46
Soil nailing is a construction technique that can be used as a remedial measure to treat unstable natural soil slopes or as a construction technique that allows the safe over-steepening of new or existing soil slopes. The technique involves the insertion of relatively slender, threaded reinforcing bars (rebar) or hollow-system steel reinforcing elements into the slope.
Soil nailing is a construction technique used to reinforce soil to make it more stable. Soil nailing is used for slopes, excavations, retaining walls etc. to make it more stable.
In this technique, soil is reinforced with slender elements such as reinforcing bars which are called as nails. These reinforcing bars are installed into pre-drilled holes and then grouted. These nails are installed at an inclination of 10 to 20 degrees with vertical.

Soil nailing is used to stabilize the slopes or excavations where required slopes for excavation can not be provided due to space constraints and construction of retaining wall is not feasible. It is just an alternate to retaining wall structures.

As the excavation proceeds, the shotcrete, concrete or other grouting materials are applied on the excavation face to grout the reinforcing steel or nails. These provide stability to the steep soil slope.
Sinorock Self drilling soil nail is a very versatile tool that provides maximum flexibility and a fast installation, thanks to a triple action:Drilling drive,Injection channel and Resistant bolt.These devices are used for the realization of bolts, anchors and micropiles, both in the ground and in the rock.The self drilling soil nails are manufactured by plastic deformation, generating the continuous thread ISO 10208 on the external surface of a pipe.
The Sinorock self drilling soil nail anchor system offers a technically advanced and extremely cost effective alternative to other anchoring systems and is backed by many years of engineering experience.We are very much conscious about the quality of our offered self drilling soil nail anchor system. Our constant activities have infused a spectral pace in the domain of sustainer of quality standards. Our belief that quality and client satisfaction are directly proportional to each other has enabled us to strongly enforce stringent quality control measures in our manufacturing procedures.
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