Therapy is similar to the conventional elegance Jiapin

August 28 [Tue], 2012, 11:48
Therapy Slim forte can create excessive fat in our bodies into energy consumed, and promotion of carbohydrate and protein metabolism, thus preventing our bodies fat, and weight-loss can be achieved. Not only is vinegar, individuals often eat Jiapin preparing, and is a conventional elegance, healthy epidermis health care, elegance weight losing products, and the effect is better, no side. Therapy is similar to the conventional elegance Jiapin, applicable to the different properties of the epidermis.

1. difficult epidermis, 5 vinegar with 1 glycerol mixture and mix thoroughly, apply on the epidermis, regular use can create the epidermis becomes sleek, sensitive. Clean your face, wash your hands with including 1 tablespoons of vinegar, period of time use, can create the epidermis becomes sleek, sensitive. 2. apple kernel 250 grms 500 grms unhealthy in vinegar, enclosed and stored in glass bottles, 10 times later, daily drink 1 spoon, a while to enhance the difficult epidermis, cloudiness and has good efficiency.

3. take the new yellow 250 grms, unhealthy with vinegar for 15 times, each day take about 10 grains eating, can avoid face skin tones, reduce cholesterol levels and enhance liver function. 4. cleaned the locks, and then including a bit of vinegar wash under trouble 1, 20 min ( Minutes ) after wash with water, can create the locks becomes black, and shiny. Dry skin many individuals, every night before going to bed with vinegar with scalp, rub the locks root, reduce dandruff.

5. take the cucumber, crush, green beans, Chinese clothes, clothes and the right quantity, pieces, add salt to 6 time ( Hours ), add vinegar salad table, lengthy, can avoid face skin tones, on the prevention and treatment of acne has 1 functions. 6. take 200 ml vinegar, heating the concentrated to 100 ml, every day outside the rub face flat hpv wart ( viral), ongoing use of 1 effects.

Vinegar as the 1 kinds of food, to achieve medical health care use, and slim for life diet can be weight losing elegance, can be said to be 1 for two.