2005年09月12日(月) 19時24分
Oh... im so tired today Monday i always feel tiredThe only thing that i enjoyed at school is volleyball in reccesesI only played it 4 about 5min or so but it canged my feeling a lot.

my feeling went down in PE time,,,oh i shouldnt write so boring thing but thats all my experience 4 today. We had fittness test again. I was so plzed that we didnt run 50mFirst i used a tennisball. It was quite easy On the other hand, the next test, running or whatever, i really felt sad. Bcaz i mistook the way but teacher still told me to cont....if i tried it again, i would had 5 sec faster i guess..and next i measured how hight i can jump. It was extremely horrible!!!!!!!I hate it!! what a hell...i could jump only a little...ha...

Oh my god!!! I 4 got 2 do my evening school is quite really a lottttttt!!!!haaaa...i gonna do it now so bye bye 4 now
I wanna eat......and so on**


Tomorow is school...ha... 

2005年09月11日(日) 22時08分
I dont wanna go 2 school
becaz i have 2 study....(of corce Also i am still nervous 2 go....i dont know why.....haaaaaaa-----quite afraid,,,,,,
What Happened 2 meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yesterday, i played volleyball wiz my sis. I wanted 2 practice spike bcaz i cant do that,,,,however i still cant do that....ohhhthen i hurt my right carpus is quite strange....even now! but i hope it will be alright!This coming Friday, we ganna fight against strong school
i wish that i can play in the team

Today i had monthly tests...Jap,Eng and Math.....i think i got extremely horrible and bad---however i met my friends and had an intersting?? chat! one of my friends told me that she will go 2 England for her school trip....Isnt it good I think thats enough 4 today,,,,
Good night
have a good dream


2005年09月07日(水) 23時19分
YeahFinary I made this page .... I'll try not to leave this page....I gonna update. Anyway let's write about recent event

My new school has so nervous...even now Many students in G9 are so kind so im happy about that but i hate algebra.....i got really bad score in the test! oh my god!! can u believe it? ........haaa........Anyway im happy with AIS except algebra

Volleyball......i never played it before;; but im trying my best I wish that someday, in the future, i would play a game full time but i guess it's impossible also my arms are painful...but it's alrightI like playing it a basketball hit my head it was quite painful....i nearly would have bit my tong by myself!!! how lucky am i???
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