Trueman's world 

November 24 [Thu], 2005, 23:26
Bustling city haunted hollow being,
Stay truly is a striving thing not easy,

Since the world is too fake to believe it,
Everything got into a fuss & not in line with anticipation.

Finally discovered...

everyone get used to the wrought smiles he's wearing !

Blog Tag - 5 odd habits 

November 22 [Tue], 2005, 1:43
I was tagged !

Well, this is my first stab at the game of blog tag; it really took me a while to think about it. Here's my answer to five odd habits I have.


這個怪癖是深受小時後紅極一時的節目"枚瑰之夜"的影響,當時有個單元叫鬼話連篇,專門蒐羅一些鬼怪軼事。話梭自小因膽小原故就十分推崇孔夫子 「子不語怪力亂神」 的精神,因此對於鬼怪之事極為抗拒。節目有次談論到睡覺時托鞋不可以擺放同個方向,一定要放置成相反方向,以防鬼一下就穿套上,然後進入附身人體。自此之後,不管周公多麼急於召喚我,一定會先檢察托鞋擺放方向才能安心入眠。


October 20 [Thu], 2005, 13:06
I know it's been a while since my last post, and actually I was being occupied by tons of work as well as the quarter report over the past few weeks.That's why I didnt update my blog very often.

Lately, I've been receiving lots of hearty and warming words from friends. Everyone had great compassion for my experince; meanwhile, they cant help laughing at my funny tale.

I cant believe it ! 

October 08 [Sat], 2005, 22:00
晨四點爭開睡眼惺松的雙眼,快速地梳洗整理。因入秋後第一波鋒面的到訪,外頭正下著大雨,伴隨著幾分寒意。四點半,大家如預期地坐上事先預約好機場接送的車子。 看著窗外綴飾著豆大雨珠,兀自地暗自祈擣日本有個秋高氣爽的好天氣。

沿途經過了熟悉的忠孝東路,東區部分的霓虹燈依舊亮著,似乎宣告著這裡是台北不夜城的縮影。不上了高速公路,其他人開心的聊著,因為餓的原故,我並沒有加入話題,只是靜靜地望著窗外。而外頭灰暗的景致也吸引不了我,一心只想到了機場一定要先買個暖哄哄的早餐填飽我的胃納。想著五個小時後我將遠離熟悉的城市,降落在Osaka Kansai Airport,展開五天的異域旅程,第一次當backpacker的我,心裡不免興奮不已。

The Corpse Bride 

October 02 [Sun], 2005, 4:32
After having a bowling game, we went movie seeing as usual. We selected The Corpse Bride as this movie carries on in the dark, romantic tradition of Tim Burton's classic files The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The storyline unveiled from a young man, Victor, who is whisked away to the underworld and wed to a corpse bride by accident as he practiced his wedding vows in dark forest surrounded by loads of grave , placing the ring on a stick poking out of the ground as joke. He was unaware of some dreadful thing would happen soon.


September 27 [Tue], 2005, 16:29
Could the word "friendship" be measured by any instruments, I think it couldn't.

Recently, one of my best female mates expressed we didnt care about her without setting her as the first priority. She feels awful cuz we always ignore her feelings, and that's the reason why she is not in the mood. Is this truth..not exactly.

You thought we didnt actively return you back and implied what you gave is always far more then what you received; it's really disappointed you. But you may forget an important point friendship cant be allowed to compare with, dear. As you know, Kristy and I are a track-minded person, we hardly perceive other's intention if they dont show it directly; however, it doesn't mean we dont treasure your feelings. We just dont know how to express our care, and it doesn't mean we dont care about you.

Summer get-away trip 

September 26 [Mon], 2005, 23:24
Hey guys, I'll hit the road to Japan very soon !

Earlier this month, I finally confirmed I could join the trip with my friends. In fact, we've planed this get-together activity for quite a long time, but I was interested in this not at all as I was occupied by several press conferences scheduled in April. Hence, no matter how much I wanna go with them, I know I cant take leaves during that work peakmonth.

But something changed and reversed the situation, they postponed and rescheduled their trip to October driven by some reasons. Yup... that's why I could join it NOW !

I'm so-o-o-excited about the impending trip, and I know it will be a fab experience for all of will !

Swimg into Summer 

September 10 [Sat], 2005, 23:32
我喜歡 夏天 道不出為什麼
看著湛藍的天空 綴著棉花糖般の雲
走向 沙灘 奔向海洋

在風幾度的怒吼下 無奈地與海洋音樂季揮手 say goodbye

卻止不住 想擁抱夏天的心 !

Sylvia's weeding 

August 07 [Sun], 2005, 23:45
Today is Sylvia's birthday...

I remember the day I received the wedding invitation, a card adorned with several italic wordings. Somehow, I still feel a bit of surprise when I saw Sylvia's name was typed within the card. Although she has informed me with a sweet tone on the phone couple months ago, I just cant believe my friend is going to engage with her Mr. Right in her life at her twenty-five

Here we go 

August 01 [Mon], 2005, 23:50
My f o o t s t e p will START here !
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