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August 13 [Mon], 2012, 18:25
Nike Free Run Shoes Dad turned to bed, stretched out only a wrinkled hand to, I laid the. I, final it is said nothing.In three years, the hand, the hand that be fatigued with the journey, always in my heart there! There ah! ... ...During the summer of nine eight, I finally returned home to visit relatives, with three years how much missing, how many dreams, with three years of many feelings much love,Nike Free Run 2 I flew to papa.

Papa's hair is more white, eyes full of joy. This is a very peaceful life,Nike Free Clearance suddenly become enthusiastic and active.A rare poly, imperceptibly, who should I boarded the plane. The day before the departure, father gently said to me: " you sound like a leaf to gently blowing wind, and we haven't talk, and blown away by the wind. " He said, and I smiled softly. That smile, contains many words to say, contains a number of helplessness and look.I felt at a loss, yeah! For three years, my heart touches the countless words and the unspoken feelings, when can ah? At his father's hair graying and that have experienced years of wind and Frost 's face, www.haoxintrade.comI finally forced his surging wave, in the father's face was a kiss, " Daddy, I love you!

"Dad head to one side, shoulders shook up, " kid, I expected for a long time, and for a long time, is this words oh! "He turned his head, I didn't see my father's tears, he hold me in your arms, I cried. In his father's arms, and I find the kind of childhood experience, is so happy, so comfort.No -- lose one's temper like call brew storms on rivers and seas, without passion, love, always in the home, in the place not gorgeous, always in the unspoken feelings Nike Free Run 3.
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