September 02 [Wed], 2009, 3:02
do friends just come and go?
can years of friendship just break off so easily?


August 31 [Mon], 2009, 15:17
had class chalet at changi aft exams! damn big for a place.
2 storeys big kitchen and hall. 4 bedrooms. 5 toilets.

Grp pic before wangcheng leave for Aussie!

before went fishing! 1st time experience to cast a fishing rod~
say cool! but caught nth. hahas.

played with sparkers! can u make out the word? :)

BBQ, played taboo, watched DVD and had
hearty long talks in the dark lying on the bed.
that was real nice and lovesss!

Will be missed!

August 26 [Wed], 2009, 16:05
AN 5 paper was really a killer! down 4 left 1!
i really cant wait for the last paper tml!
been sick for almost a week! hope to quickly get well to play aft exams!
looong holidayss :) :) :) lovess.

though i always skip lects, but i'm starting to miss school already.
※ no more of to think what to eat everytime after lab lessions.
※ no more cheap mac and $2 food.
※ no more facebook-ing in e lab together with my grp memebers.
※ no more grp discussion (we crap and play ard) in library.
※ no more of squeezing the whole class in the lift together.
※ no more to pass student card for friends to tap.

any many more. i seriously miss school!


August 23 [Sun], 2009, 23:28
so nice to be spoonfeed medicine when sick
and fussed over. heee. lovess.


August 10 [Mon], 2009, 1:38
i want Ikea's meatballs!
seriously cant wait till exams are over!
6 weeks of long holidays!
and get out of spore at the end of sept!

Happy National Day!

August 09 [Sun], 2009, 23:43

dinner at this iluma
jap resturant.

where u use an
electronic pen to place order. cool or what.

price reasonable but we all agree we like this
jap version of mache
kind at raffles shopping mall!




August 09 [Sun], 2009, 0:23
why is it that human relationship between one another is so complex?
why cant one spell or do what they really feel honestly and freely?

i have to admit i cant do the above mentioned.
but wont it be real nice and clear cut to know what the other party is thinking?
and not play unnecessary guessing games?
it all actually boils down to communication which one can never apprehend.

really need to get this through my head to never harbour high expectations
for anyone. as cliche as it sounds but the higher u hope, the greater u fall.
when the opposite party does something not my expectation, i freaked out badly.
of cos these people mean important to me that it bother me greatly.
i wouldnt care less if they were others. it happened too many times already
that i find it frustrating and tired. i wish i could just learn to let go
cool-ly and forget it. but as easy as said it seems so difficult!

Happy birthday yp love!

July 06 [Mon], 2009, 23:50
happy birthday love~
1st day of sch today hope u had fun and made new friends!

sch after 3 weeks break is not pleasant. tired. so many things to do
yet dont know where to start from! :(

Be back soon love~

July 04 [Sat], 2009, 23:36
dearest yp love will be away for awhile!

dinner date on wed.

you'll be missed!

Transformer 2!

July 01 [Wed], 2009, 3:01
A geek, a babe & his bumblebee battle more evil robot aliens in Transformer 2

finally watched transformer! awsome movie!
those CG effects are so w-o-w
definitely worth the money! go catch it if u have not!
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