brain and internal organs hoagan outlet have varying degrees

July 16 [Mon], 2012, 11:36

To the gym more and more people since the beginning of summer. National Coaches Yi Gang said, and fitness dress casually, but to pay attention to science. In the gym, the reporter saw the fitness dress can be described as hogan 2012 diverse. Wear shoes, tie on a treadmill movement; also was wearing slippers, barefoot and even carried out the exercise equipment; also wear gym shoes, skirts dance aerobics ... this easy to just commented, decent shoes and clothing, sports, support and protection. Said dressing up, not only in the gym to protect the relevant parts and may damage the human body, so fitness must pay attention to this problem. Yi Gang said that the gym at the foot of shoes to choose. Should wear a fit, good elasticity shoes, you can choose running shoes, sports shoes. Exercise, especially in running and jumping, to face the reaction of the human body through the shoes of the feet upwards, ankle, knee, spine, brain and internal organs hoagan outlet have varying degrees of impact. Over time, it will cause a strain of joints and other parts of the adverse reactions, such as dizziness, nausea, and so on. Good quality shoes can buffer the impact of the ground, reducing the possibility of personal injury. Wear hard soled shoes running, the play is very dangerous. In addition, the sports apparel like dance aerobics may choose flexible, unfettered in action as well. Absorbent cotton clothing suitable for sports wear. Some people lose weight, like wearing a plastic tights movement, in fact, this very limited weight loss help. Plastic tights can make exercise a large number of sweat, but the reduced weight so easy rebound. In addition, the clothes will hinder physical activity, influence the effect of exercise. Men love to do sports equipment wear tight-fitting elastic vest as well, with loose shorts do not Zappi with. Bench Weight is best accompanied by the wrist, with backs. Currently, yoga is very popular, yoga clothing, not too many demands, as long as the stretch can be, but clothing, preferably cotton.

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