Failed Lakers Kobe Bryant hit out inside combination wasted

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 17:02
When the game when the bell rings, Bryant serious face his 10-year-old from a young Durant walked silently beside the Lakers defeat the Thunder 90:106 hands again, so the total score 1:4 eliminated opponents . Although this is the second consecutive year the Lakers stop the Western Conference semifinals, but neither the Division honey or black subjects, they can not blame Bryant's performance, after the match, already 34 years old, he played 41 minutes, scored 42 points 5 rebounds, 13th playoff success 40 Lakers only manifestation is a normal player. But the Lakers defeat him tied up or dry line, after all, the whole game he crazy nike shox agent women shot 33 times, but still did not send one assist in NBA history have never appeared in such a wonderful Data, Bryant would be unable to individuals performance and the team together. Lakers out, in fact, a typical Kobe-style failure of the season, has 34-year-old Bryant and not much degradation, but it is undeniable that he was shooting this season, the third lowest in his career, shooting efficiency and true shooting percentage are career lows. He assists per 36 minutes for the fifth lowest career, career steals as the lowest third career victory contribution is low ...... These figures are reflected in the same issue, Bryant's crazy performance and the relationship between the team win more to smaller yesterday's game is the best example, from the first start, Bryant knew he kept score, and his eyes did not mate, the whole game only get 10 shots Bynum can also use foul too much to explain, but the audience Gasol played 44 minutes and only got 14 shots (of which there are one shot behind the arc) how should I explain it? Western most powerful inside combination, and it was wasted. No wonder Bynum after the game did not bother to even hand grip on the back to the locker room, a reporter asked about the future and the Lakers will not be renewed when it is to throw a no-brainer, This is something I really do not care, It depends on the team in the future want to do, anyway, I can go play. Bryant why more and more independence? Or his paranoid ambition at work: the face of the audience together scored 70 points, Thunder less in the defensive end as in the past been unable to directly inhibit the opponent's Kobe, just want to fight back through their own score, but This often makes him fall into personal blind singles dead loop among the Thunder's fourth war, had 8 points ahead of the Lakers is such opponents reversed, but yesterday's game, when the performance of his teammates enough to force the referee The home post and exceptionally clear, Bryant once again fell into such a stubborn being. He did not go to guide his teammates, he just wanted to push through their own performance, to promote the game, but this, and did not bring victory. And that is Kobe Bryant of the world. After the game, NBA official website reporter Matt Moore writes the Lakers this season, the journey has ended, although Bryant once again said that he would never back down, I will nike free 5.0 v4 womens not back down to the corner, I will not go anywhere, we will not hide anywhere. whether it is high tide or low tide, we will once again return to that place, which is the Lakers team tradition. But next year already 35 years old, if he did not make some changes, it may still fail to meet the Lakers. Hong Kong Daily News reporter She Hui

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