Ah~.. Gomen nasai~.. 

2008年01月06日(日) 7時41分
Even if it is a little late A happy new Year to all of you!

Tomorrow my holidays are ending. I am kind of sad.. u__u'
But at first I have to drive home.. Think I'll be home at 8pm.. '_';

It is kind of strange..
I'll turn 21 this year! Kind of scary.. I'm getting old! (;_;)/~~
But so many people think I am at least 16.. xD;
Haha.. go dying.. ûu; I'm 20! Not 16.. (AND I do not want to show my personals everytime I want to buy films that are aged 16! on Saturn! ùú)

I hope it will be a great year..
Greetings~.. <3

S N O W 

2007年12月22日(土) 3時34分
Today's kinda strange.
Nothing to do at work.. and everyone was in christmas-mood, so there was no one that was really working.
But it was funny.. esp. my chef aftes some cups of hot wine.. xDD
So.. there are only two days left until christmas and I still haven't all presents and no possibility to buy some this week-end.
Monday there'll be work until 1pm.. and yeah.. I'm still not in christmas-mood..
Maybe because I'm a little depressed the last days.. I don't like christmas.. but there IS snow today! Though there are no mountains arround and so on.. (even in the neighbourtown the sun was shining the whole day And NO snow!)
That's so great!
The view is wonderful.. esp. when the sun is shining, but I could only take pictures after coming home.
But they are beautiful too, huh?

That made me happy a little bit. ^o^
Though it's pretty cold outside.. *shiver*
Maybe there IS something good at winter and christmas..


2007年11月25日(日) 7時20分
It's really late and I think I'll go to bed soon..
But at first I want to write a new entry. ♥

Today I had to get off really early -at least I'm sleeping until 12.30 at the weekend-
because my family wanted to go shopping and because I'll have no possibility for this the next weeks I decided to go with them.
Though it was very short (from 11am until 2pm!) I buyed SO many things, that's why it was good, that my dad gave me some money, too.. before we went shopping for ourselves and met again after arround 3 hours..
I really had most of the bags.. Haha..
And when I was home, I had to recognize, that it's long since I bought THAT much.

THIS was my couch after I was shopping and these are not all of the clothes.. There was for example a jacket, too.. and so on. But I'm happy.. ^o^

I really NEEDED new clothes..
Well.. not that much, but shopping was fun. ^_^

Ah.. and you see in the back (btw. I HATE this couch..) there is my new Ruki-Fanart.. haha.. Maybe I'll end it tommorrow. MAYBE. I'll see.

Next week there'll be ATL again btw.. :D
I'm so excited, because we'll go to the christmas market and.. meet eachother.. haha.. Last time at the zoo was really funny.
But this time It'll be a lot more people.. Dunno If I should be happy about is. u.u''
I like only a few people there were the last time and only for them I'll go there!

This was me today..
Dunno why I made this picture, because it's kinda bad,
too.. But I like it somehow.
What ever..
I'll go now.
I tired and maybe I'll have enough sleep if I go now..
None of my friends is only yet and Finja's only writing me kind of strange SMS.. ûu
Ah~.. I hate it if she's drunk and so on.. ùu'

But as I just said:
I'll really go now. :D

Back.. x3 

2007年11月23日(金) 5時32分
Right now I'm tired like hell.. =o=
I really don't know what to do, because I'm at work these weeks and can sleep until 8.30am!
So.. it's okay, huh?
But work's tiring. u__u' And tommorrow I have to go, too.. And THEN! Weekend! ^o^

At the moment I'm talking to Shiirou.. ♥
I think she's going mad, because I'm not very talketive today..
I have to stop talking while I try to think about some things, like RPGs I'm writing.
I'm so sorry~..
Don't be mad at me.. =o=
I'm just so tired and so on.. But I like talking to you. :D
Funny~.. ♥

At the weekend I'll go shopping by the way..
That means NEW clothes! Yay!
I think I'll make new pictures then.. because I don't like the old ones.. and it's long since I made some.
Maybe I'll also give a short report about the shoppingtour with my dad, his girl-fried, her son and my sis..
It'll be funny, I think.. haha.. I mean.. I REALLY should write more often, shouldn't I? But sometimes I'm just too lazy. u..u

The Great Yokai War 

2007年10月07日(日) 6時00分
Today I just saw Takashi Miike's "The Great Yokai War".

And I just have to say..
It's kinda weird, isn't it? :D
No.. 'weird' seems to be the wrong word for it, but all these strange creatures and devils..
They look kind of weird, because most of them I haven't known yet. (Except the Snow-woman and so on.. oO)
Maybe I should get a little bit into it.. Hm~..
But I really like them.. Haha.. xD

AND I like Kuriyama Chiaki! >_<
She's great. Really..

But this One.. I really want to have to.
It's so cute..
Even though it is some kind of ghost, too.. isn't it?
(Can anybody tell me why the hell the blog won't show
this picture?! *grr*)

But no staying ontop of my head.
It's bad for the hair, you know? xD


2007年10月06日(土) 5時13分
So.. there's a new one today, because yesterday I missed writing.

I'm happy. ^_________^
Because my boss just signed my holidays, what means, that I have got a free week from 19th octobre until the 26th *happy*
I hope that nobody will get ill until these days. uou
Because I really need some holiday, especially after the Gaze-Lives!

But okay..
This week-end I really have to clean up!
My room' s looking horrible! x_x

My desk right before the sofa and most of the dishes I brought into the kitchen yesterday.. xD

..and my couch. I should not eat THAT
much sweets.. UoU
But I can't stop it.. xD' Haha..
But it isn't the higlight of my room..
Because this is.. The DEAD plant. òó
I told my dad weeks before to tkae it into the garden..
But it is still here.. *grmbl*
Wanna see? :D
Take a look.
I really don't know why it is looking like this.. T_T
All ot the other plants are well.. but this one.. Ah~.. I hate it!
But okay..
Can't change, huh?
But my dad really should carry it in the garden and bury it.. xD
Dunno what I should do with this thing.

Hum.. anything else to write?
The KyoArt is doing fine.. :D
But I fear it will take hours to end it.. x_x
Sounds like I have nothing else to do..
But that's not the case! ; ;
It is just..
Just.. I really DO LOVE drawing at the moment.
..since Finja is in Tokyo.. ûû

But allright.. think this 'll be enough for today.. xD

Awww~.. ; ; 

2007年10月04日(木) 5時32分
Enough for trying today. ( ̄□ ̄;)

I'm tired of it.. that's why I started a new fanart.
It is Kyo again, dunno why I draw him that often these days..
Maybe because I have some problems with Gaze, esp. Ruki.. ûu'
I'm not sure.. If it gets along well, I'll show the efforts here.. MAYBE.
(The finished version will be up on deviantart anyway..)

The scetch is done, but I have to say:
I HATE THESE *!"§*fkjdhjskeh - PENCILS!
Because my black liner just died on monday and I had just forgotten..
That's why.. no working on this art for today..
(。・_ ・。)

I'll look for a new one at work tomorrow.. Haha..

Maybe I should go to bed now~.. It's late and so on.. uû
In this way..



2007年10月03日(水) 21時42分
I just try to get into yaplog, so please don't mind, if I'll act a little bit conusing the next days. But I really DO like trying out such things, arrange and open things and sites. Therefor I started this blog, because I'm just searching for a platform that I use more often, than livejournal and those things.

I think I should work again on the page, huh?

(And that's on my free day! o(_ _*)o Ah~.. I hate boredom!)

But I think I'll get into it soon!


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